my butterfly brooch


I had so much fun making this! A cute little butterfly brooch…..

It has two sides. The fun speckled yarn side……..

FullSizeRender (14)

….and another side with flowers

FullSizeRender (7)

the collection yarns

I used an arty speckled yarn from one of a kind yarns, black vinnis nikkim to crochet the two sides together and to crochet the middle of the butterfly’s body and to embroider 2 small flowers.

The other side of the butterfly was crocheted with some delicious natural merino dk yarn, and cowgirlblues merino lace was used for the little french knots and flowers.

If you would like to see it in action on my jersey you can pop over to my instagram account. Winter is here and its time for jerseys, sweaters, scarves, beanies and mittens…and of course, my cute little butterfly brooch!

Have a lovely weekend

love from Elsbeth

ps: this is the pattern that I used.

juliet cap and (almost) cowl

I knit veeeeeerrrry sloooooooowly, but I feel so chuffed with the results (so far). My mom gave me 4 x 50g balls of Vinnis Serina Turquoise a while ago and asked me to crochet her a tight fitting cap. But this year, I wanted to start knitting again. With very basic knitting skills, I found this lovely pattern on with just enough interest (little faux cables) and not too scary (technique). I’m really good at practical maths, so after checking my gauge, it was easy to work out how many stitches I needed for the cap. Knitting a texture or pattern is definitely a state of mind. It took me 3 castings on and progressing to row 7 to really get into it. I promise you, I kept reading this pattern till the end. There was just no way that I could predict the repeats of those 12 rows. The nice thing about that is that it was SUCH A CHALLENGE! That’s what I love about knitting! It’s uncomfortable! My one finger had broken skin on it (from pushing back the tip of the needle in my right hand). But seeing those little winding trellises emerge and finishing my rows with the exact amount of stitches left on the pattern! Wow!

Knitting is my new adventure. Yay!

Hope you have a super weekend!



the Woolly-lope.

with love by ElsbethSometimes the best part of  receiving a gift is the way your friend wrapped it and today I want to share a different way to wrap little gifts.

I am sure your wool loving friends will LoVE this.

The Woolly-lope….an envelope that is made from wool.

(It is also a great way to use some of your small balls of wool so that you can go to the wool shop with a clear conscious!)

Start with a small crochet square.

My square consists of 7 dc rows. I used I Love Yarn Bamboo and cotton mix yarn in Lemon.

with love by Elsbeth

Close your square on two sides with your thread and needle to make it look like an envelope.

Now you have a woolly-lope!

with love by Elsbeth

Thread another piece of wool or string to the top of your woolly-lope so that you can close it.

I found some adorable crochet flowers in an art shop and attached them to the ends of my string.

with love by Elsbeth

Add your little wrapped gift, and close the woolly-lope with a little bow and voila….. a small square made with love.

with love by Elsbeth

This is so adorable and special!

What I enjoyed most of making these cute woolly-lopes is that you can let your creativity go and have FUN!

Here is another fun pom-pom woolly-lope.

I just glued little pom-poms all over and crochet a short chain to close the woolly-lope.



 Have a great week and if you decide to make one of these special woolly-lopes please share it on our facebook page so that we can enjoy your little creations!.

love from Elsbeth

Granny Goodness.

I have too many granny squares lying in my stash bag. I went through a granny square crochet phase, like I can imagine many of us do. I made a few items and still I had some motives left over.

I get very sentimental over all these little motives I made but to keep them in my stash pile is silly. I need more space for some WOOL!

So this is what I did with some of the Grannies that I found in my WIP pile.

All you need is some old tins or containers.

some old tins

Take your granny squares and see how many do you need to sew or crochet together to cover the tin.

I needed to sew 6 granny squares together to cover my tin.

I made these granny Squares with Vinnis Bambi.

granny square goodnessI added a shell stitch crochet top border and a simple border of single crochet stitches for the bottom in a contrasting colour.

A few tufts of purple wool added a bit of fun to my soft pastel granny design.

granny square goodness

granny square goodness

granny square goodness

You can also use some of your crochet swatches to dress a container.

 I played with bobble stitches in natural yarn the other day.

I love the look of bobbles.

Simply sew the sides together, add a cute border design (here i did the shell stitch border in the same natural colour) and voila… a cute container for stuff.



PS: Inspired to also dress some containers in granny goodness or your crochet swatches?

Please share your creations on our facebook group, we always love to see what you are up to!

hello monday

me and the babette

……Ladies and maybe a gentleman or two, may I represent my first ever finished crochet blanket!

Yes, my first.

I am a very eager starter when it comes to any project but halfway through something else catches my eye and my project becomes part of the WIP pile. Sometimes it will stay there for a month but *hanging my head in shame* some will never see my hook or needles again…

babette blanket

This amazing blanket was my gift to my daughter who started studying at WITS this year.

We decided on Vinnis Bambi, a beautiful blend of 70% organic cotton and 30% bamboo blend.

The yarn is hand dyed and balled by women in a rural area of South Africa.

The primary colours I used was  turquoise, black, and natural and all the others colours was part of the secondary palette.

 babette blanket


bottomleftThis blanket is such a lovely project.

I used Kathy Merrick‘s pattern for the basic layout but didn’t follow her pattern when it came to the colour combinations for each block.


If you are looking for a project that is easy, fun and where you can express your creativity, I highly recommend this blanket!

I know that there are some of you out there that made amazing Babette blankets! Please  join our Facebook page and share your Babette with us, I would love to see yours.

love elsbeth

inspiration tuesday

My daughter is going to UCT next year and I want to give her a crochet blanket as a little gift. Something from me that she can snuggle up with.

I showed her a whole collection of blankets on pinterest and she chose the one that I actually made before. It was one of those projects that I started with great enthusiasm and when I got halfway I just stopped and added a border…. It is now a small blanket  that only covers your knees and not the majestic blanket that should cover your whole bed….

So two weekends ago I started the blanket and this picture says it all….

jasper and the blokkies

We chose Vinnis Colours Bambi for the blanket, and the blanket is made up from different sized blocks.

i cant wait to share the finished blanket with you! i will share the full pattern details too.


crochet blokkies

Still a long way to go and I hope that I will, for once in my life, finish a proper blanket and not turn it into a knee blanket!


crochet blokkies

crochet blocks



Here is your free printable that I made. I used one of my watercolour paintings and I hope you like it.

curious about my art? you can visit my facebook art page to see what im up to!

he who seeks beauty

he who seeks beauty will find it

click on the link above and save to your computer


Lots of love,

love elsbeth







(original post 21 October 2014)


inspiration thursday: brenda grobler

I got a WhatsApp message two weeks ago from Cornel, who wanted to show me some really gorgeous crochet patterns for tops she wanted to buy.  Up to that point, I’d never heard of Brenda Grobler.  Well, I was amazed and intrigued all at the same time.  It’s always so refreshing to meet individuals that are energised and passionate about what they do.  I remember when I still had my décor store, how exciting it was to meet an artist who put heart and soul into their work.  When an item is made with loving care and you know that many hours have been spent perfecting the final product, there is something magic about it.  As Alan Moore said: “There is very little difference between magic and art. To me, the ultimate act of magic is to create something from nothing: It’s like when the stage magician pulls the rabbit from the hat.”

I hope you enjoy reading my interview with Brenda Grobler, as it illustrates magic in the making…


What inspires you?

Pictures of beautiful interiors, especially French Country-style, rustic environments, the colours and textures in a Spring garden, women that escape a less than fortunate background and manage to achieve successful and happy lives, muted colours, the texture and feel of natural fibres, my children, positive people.


some of brenda’s favourite decor pins on pinterest

When did you start crafting and who taught you?

I must have been around 5 when my mother showed me how to do a treble. With that one little stitch, dozens of coat hanger covers were made. A couple of years later, doilies were the must-have item in most homes. I made a lot of extra cash hooking up different ones and selling them to family members. My mother firmly believed that you can only learn if you try something for yourself. I basically taught myself how to read patterns and do all the other stitches.


brenda’s own designs

Tell me about your crochet work?

I’ve done a lot of pattern design work for Saprotex, a few patterns for African Expressions and I’m currently doing a lot of work for Vinnis Colours. Apart from designing, I also teach crochet. There is nothing more satisfying than helping someone master this beautiful craft. Every Wednesday and Saturday morning I get to spend time with really awesome women, helping them explore their own creativity, while teaching them the do’s and don’ts along the way. I’m so passionate about crochet, it is an absolute thrill to teach newbies and instill a love of crochet in them. That very first time when they master a stitch/pattern/block is priceless. It’s also wonderful to see that the age of my students are dropping. It’s wonderful to know that a whole new generation of crocheters are out there.

How did it all begin?

A friend of mine, Annemie, owns Die Wolnessie in Paarl. Three years ago, she badgered me to start designing and also introduced me to the Head Designer at Saprotex. After Tanya from Saprotex saw what I could do, she asked me to design for them. Up to that point I’ve always only done more décor related items. Garment making was a total new experience, but from the word go, I realised that this was ‘my thing’. I absolutely LOVE doing garments. When Vinni Nielsen from Vinnis Colours approached me at the beginning of the year to do work for her, I literally did back-flips. Her cotton yarn, Nikkim, has long been an absolute favourite of mine, so what could be better than using your fave yarn to design anything?! Vinni gives me carte blanche. I can literally do whatever I want. It’s been a fabulous year, and I’m so looking forward to our new releases around October. Our first patterns were very well received, and I can’t wait to share our new stuff.


brenda collage 1

What do you think will be the next big thing in the world of craft?

I honestly believe that crocheting will only continue to grow and grow. Examples of crocheted décor items are featured quite prominently in glossy décor magazines. Through teaching I’ve noticed that the ages of women wanting to learn have dropped quite substantially. These women will be the trailblazers of a future generation of crocheters. They will also demand more natural fibres. There is a definite trend of people moving away from the old traditional acrylic yarns. Big yarns will also play a bigger role as it is so very suitable to creating bulkier home décor items.

Who on the international craft scene do you admire most and why?

I absolute adore the work Natalia Kononova does. Her design aesthetic is very similar to mine. I love her use of muted colours and clean lines.

Another favourite is Vendulka Maderska. She brings a stunning, fresh and colourful happiness to crochet. You can’t help but smile when you look at her designs.


brenda’s own designs for elle yarns

Where can our readers find you?

My Facebook Group, Hekel Girls:


brenda collage 3

What is your favourite blog and magazine and why?

Haak & Stekie ( I adore Christelle’s writing style and I love following her crochet adventures. Le Monde De Sucrette ( Her personality always shines through in her posts, it actually feel as if you’re having a cup of tea with her. I love conversational blogs, ones where the honesty and sincerity of the person shines through. Favourite mag is definitely Home Magazine. Apart from being a crochet junky, I’m a total décor/DIY ‘uberfan’. I love that they do real homes with real people.

What is your favourite yarn store / craft store and why?

I don’t really have one. I buy a lot of yarn online, so the current favourite would totally depend on what they have available. If I have to choose, it would probably be

brenda collage 2

Brenda has published a number of patterns and I cannot wait to see them featured in another magazine.  I always love seeing individuals reach their full potential and having a look at Brenda’s work you will see she has achieved so much.  Yet, you also know that there is so much more wonderful crochet concepts and ideas that she has up her sleeve.  I cannot wait to see what she conjures up next.


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(original post on 11 september 2014)