my special moments in the karoo- elsbeth

Those of you who has followed our blog for a while, will be familiar with our yearly crochet-getaway. If you have missed out on our previous getaways, you can go here and here to see what we were up to.


I spent my Karoo days knitting and crocheting.


 Sitting in Colesberg at a quaint coffe shop, knitting a beany for myself with cowgirlblues aran. I didnt follow a pattern and loved the result! I will share a final photo on my instagram sometime. ( It was done, pom pom and all, but my dog got hold of the beany when I got home and played with the pom-pom, and im sure you get the picture…. need to add another pom pom….)


At Richmond Rooms and Cafe, I had the cutest little stoep in front of my room, and fell in love with the embroidered tablecloth!

Every room had so many beautiful little corners and this was one of my favourites!

I also crocheted  hot water bottles covers and embroidered a little something on them to make them extra special.

Its a perfect project for beginners- just make a ch that is the same length as the bottom of the hot water bottle. You will then work  trs in all the chs until you get to the first ch made, turn your work and then tr in the other side of all the chs- this way the cover is all ready closed at the bottom.  Ss into the first tr you made, and then continue working in the round. When the cover is long enough you can bind off. Add a cute border and make a string to close the cover around the spout.


I also started knitting the marled magic shawl from Stephen West.

Thank goodness Anisa was there to guide me through this pattern- she made one a few months ago- otherwise I would not be smiling on this photo and the horns would be really sprouting from my head!


…dear Liesl just being her cute self.


This lovely Karoo break was amazing and spending time with my dearest friends just made it unforgettable, and we are all ready dreaming about where our next adventure will take us!



Have a lovely week making pretty things with yarn, plants and people,

love from Elsbeth

the Karoo and us

….and this year we did it again, but a little bit different.

Our 2017 crochet getaway* took place in the beautiful Karoo, specifically in Richmond, and to pin point our exact location…the lovely charming Richmond Cafe and Rooms

I cannot describe in words how absolutely beautiful and special the experience was.

Our hosts, Klaradyn, Nicol and their whole team, made us feel so welcome and the saying ”being spoiled” is an understatement.

We will be sharing some of our favourite moments over the next few weeks with you,

like where we sat on this couch a lot……



Cornel worked on her gorgeous African flower blanket,


Anisa started knitting a fun shawl pattern from Hedgehogfibers and…


…and I started Stephen West’s Marled magic shawl.


…and Liesel (who doesn’t crochet, but cheer us on from the sidelines), sitting here with her needlepoint project.

 In the coming weeks we will share what we made over the glorious 5 days and all the links to the patterns.

Wishing you a lovely day

love from Elsbeth


PS: Visit our instagram accounts for more of the Karoo and us

Richmond Cafe and Rooms

Cornel, Anisa, Elsbeth and Liesel

PSS: *we did a lot of knitting too!

craft share on friday 4 march 2016

Since 11 September 2009 I’ve had the privilege to crochet with friends on Fridays.  I call these gatherings “Craft Share”, because we make things (crafting) while we share a table, treats, coffee or tea (sometimes champagne), funny stories, sometimes heartache, just being mothers and wives, but most of all a love of making. I’ve met so many incredible woman over the years. To say that our circle of friends (who all love making and in particular crochet) have grown is an understatement. I remember one particular Friday when we met at a restaurant in Pretoria, because I didn’t have enough chairs for everyone to sit on! We were about 25 ladies crocheting, knitting, embroidering and having a good time. After about a 2 year period where I focused more on my family, home and travelling often, Adele Marais and Anneke van Heerden contacted me and asked if I could invite some of the “regulars” so we could all get in touch again. Let me introduce you to my guests:


On Friday 22 January 2010 Sonja joined Craft Share for the first time. She loves working in soothing and earthy colours. Sonja just finished a blanket for a friend’s baby. Sonja made sure we were hydrated on Friday.



Anneke fell in love with the Rustic Lace Square recently. She is methodical when it comes to colour combinations and will be joining her squares as she goes (JAYG). I met Anneke on Friday 16 July 2010.


I’ve never known a person who cares more for others than Annelize. She is always helping someone or making a contribution somewhere. I met her on Friday 11 March 2011.


I met Emsie at the primary school our children attends. She came to Craft Share for the first time on Friday 6 May 2011. She is making a cuddle blanket for a friend.


Annemarie (or Ammie as I know her) blesses her children and grand children with generously sized blankets. She loves to use soothing colours together. I’ve known Ammie about 12 years and the first time she came to Craft Share was on Friday 29 July 2011.


Jackie came to Craft Share for the first time on Friday 9 September 2011. She’s an avid knitter and is making a classic top for herself.


On Friday 9 September 2011 I met Adele Marais for the first time. Adele is a true artist when it comes to crochet. She is always busy with a beautiful blanket in the most gorgeous yarns. Click HERE for her Instagram feed.


Craft Share is where I met Elsbeth! On Friday the 13th of April 2012. It was a most auspicious day and I am so proud to call this incredible human being,  talented artist and extraordinary introvert my friend.


Marietjie is a crochet connoisseur and always takes the utmost care when she chooses yarn, patterns and crochet hooks for projects. She loves challenging items like this beautiful shawl in Buttons from One-of-a-kind Yarns. I met her on Friday 1 June 2012.


On Friday 15 June 2012 I met Amelia, who LOVES colour, especially purple. She is busy making a scatter cushion cover for her daughter’s room.


Debbie home schools her children and should get a medal for how well she does it. I met her on Friday 15 June 2012.


Marissa enjoys crocheting in strong bright colours. She is working on the Rustic Lace Square for a blanket. I met her on Friday 15 June 2012.


I met Susan on Friday 10 August 2012. She was busy crocheting a blanket for her holiday home. The blanket she’s holding is her way of getting rid of all her short ends. She bought the grey to tie it all together. How clever!zelda

Zelda is always busy working on blankets. She is almost done with this one (inspired by the American flag) for her son’s bedroom. I met her on Friday 8 November 2013.

I always feel SOOOO inspired after seeing what everyone is working on and also feel extremely proud of what my friends have made and achieved through crochet.

Crochet has so many benefits for the person who’s doing it, but also for the one that is blessed by receiving a handmade item.

If you’d like to explore a little more…….

Just have a look here on my first blog i love pom-poms 

and then there were all these photo albums on Facebook ….

Have a wonderful weekend!

from me, x


PS Im holding a crocheted beach skirt that a friend made. I’m just joining the panels and finishing it off.

sweet remembrance

nostalgia hellohart opener

Nostalgia is a way of remembering people, places and things. Almost a walk down memory lane. Like a sentimental yearning for the happiness of a former person, place or time.

Did you know that nostalgia is in fact a potent mood booster. It makes you more generous to strangers and more tolerant of outsiders. Couples feel closer and look happier when they’re sharing nostalgic memories. On cold days, or in cold rooms, people in fact use nostalgia to literally feel warmer. In fact thinking of good memories for just 20 minutes a day can make you more cheerful than you were the week before, and happier than if you think of your current circumstances, report researchers from an international university.

Since memories often star important people in our lives, they may give us a comforting sense of belonging. According to studies by psychologists, people who write about a nostalgic event are more cheerful after the exercise, compared with people who write about an everyday experience

Some of my fondest memories are of my granny who taught me to knit at a very young age. After she passed away at the age of 94, I was fortunate to be given two of her treasures. One was a handmade cameo which I wear regularly and the other is a granny square blanket that she lovingly made many years ago. Both are a reflection of who she was, colourful, unique, creative and smart. I will always treasure these two items and will one day pass them on to another family member.


I asked a number of friends and fabulous yarn icons who and what are they specifically nostalgic about. What each person has shared with me is so special and endearing. My love for yarn started with knitting. I’ve been intrigued and influenced especially by Stephen Wests’ knitting (his quirkiness and playfulness is amazing) .

this is stephen west by Elsbeth

This is what Stephen West feels nostalgic about:

‘The photo below is of construction workers in Reykjavik. I think it’s fantastic that they’re wearing their neon gear with the handknit lopapeysas with the elbows worn out. I love Reykjavik and get so much inspiration from my visits there, so this photo sums up the magic you see while walking the streets everyday.

workers in Reykjavik

The photo below is me riding my bike in Urbana, IL with all my designs from Westknits Book One.

I started designing patterns in that town and found my first local yarn store there. I have so many wonderful memories from riding my bike and knitting in that neighborhood. It was the beginning of Westknits!’

Stephen West

The Hellohart team have bought a couple of his patterns on Ravelry and Elsbeth says she can’t wait to start the dotted rays shawl.

Stephen is a trendsetter in the true sense of the word. As Elsbeth says: if he was a ball of wool he would be a ball of neon yellow! Just watch his youtube channel and you’ll see what I mean.

Michelle du Plessis is a South African living in the Netherlands and owner of the Scaapi webshop.

Scaapi specializes in selling unique quality yarns produced with love in South Africa. Michelle loves handmade goods, textiles, pattern, print, vintage, wool, felt, knitting and anything AFRICA to name but a few.

PicMonkey Collage2

Michelle sent us an image of a crochet wine coaster that her grandmother made.  As Michelle says, “I remember these from back home. My mom used them on high days and holidays when she cooked up a storm. I now only have one left and I do treasure it as my parents have passed away. It is delicate and I can now, as a grown up, appreciate the skill it took my granny to make this delicate coaster. I hope to one day replicate it.”

Michelle’s second treasure is a beautiful MaXhosa knitwear jersey and she says that “ In the winter this jersey forms my winter work clothes and I wear ‘proudly SA’ when I visit customers. I always get a lot of compliments for it and it makes me feel truly South African. Why I love this design so much, is because of the colours and the patterns. We are what we grew up with and my inherent colour pallet that really resounds with my soul are the colours of Africa in all their glory. I love mustards, emeralds, rich purples, deep blues, rich jewel colours and lots of ochre. I also love strong graphic patterns and the patterns made by Laduma of Maxhosa knitwear are based on Xhosa tribal beadwork. For me as an Eastern Cape girl, nothing can take me back home more than wearing something traditional from the region I come from. I love powerful images and the combination of black and bright colours. I studied textile print design and since I was a child I have always been drawing repeat patterns. I also love the Maxhosa jersey a lot because it is of excellent quality and made from South African merino and mohair yarn. I was privileged to buy this jersey from it’s designer Laduma Ngxokolo when he was in the Netherlands and this makes it even more special as I admire Laduma as a knitwear designer.”

Brenda Grobler says that her mother was a prolific crochet fanatic. “Some of my earliest memories include seeing her with some form of crochet or knitting on her lap.

Brenda G2

She must have made hundreds of baby outfits, all without a pattern and all in the thinnest yarns imaginable. I think I get my love of clean lines in crochet from her. All her work was slick, clean and without any fiddly stuff or embellishments. I can’t recall seeing her ever work with bright yarns. She also didn’t enjoy doing larger projects such as blankets. Her thing was baby outfits, although she sometimes deviated and would make one of us girls a top or something similar. The top that I included here was made for me when I was in my late teens or early twenties. I’ve been wearing it on and off for just over two decades and it still looks great. It’s something I’ll never get rid of. The baby clothing was made for my children. I keep it safe in the hopes that one of my daughters’ might use it for their babies one day (they’re quite sentimental, both of them, so chances are good!).

Brenda G1

My mom will be turning 84 this year, and sadly has old age dementia. This disease has robbed her of her memories, and also her crochet skills. She can barely remember how to do a treble. It’s terribly sad, but I believe her love of fibre arts will live on in me, as well as both my daughters, as they are turning into quite accomplished crocheters in their own right.”

Stephnie Fogwill  sent me a few photos of nostalgic items all made by her dad’s mom.


“My mother’s mother passed away recently and shortly before her death I asked her about two blankets that were always at hand and often covering her knees. Turns out it was made for her by my other grandmother. My two sets of grandparents were great friends who often went on holiday together after they had all retired.


These blankets are very dear to me as it seems like a little something from both of my grandmothers. I also have a collection doilies made by my wonderful grandmother. She was a bit of an earth child who recycled long before it became fashionable and the doily with shells specifically represents who she was.”

Fellow Blogger and great friend Elsbeth Eksteen is truly a creative spirit that inspires me with the magic she does with yarn.  Her granny holds a special place in her heart as she was responsible for the fabulous fashion that adourned Elsbeths dolls…

Ouma Bessie and doll clothes patterns

”My granny, Ouma Bessie, was a beautiful woman.

She always dressed up, even when she just stayed home to cook and clean her home and she was the mother of 6 children!

She introduced me to the joys of knitting.

 My sister and I used to visit over weekends and my granny always knitted clothes for our dolls.

Little knitted outfits for Cindy (we didn’t have Barbies) and baby doll clothes for our babies.

She could knit a pair of booties and sweater for our babies in no time- she was that good!

Whenever I see little doll clothes I remember siting close to her while she knitted little outfits…”

Cornel Strydom is a unique talened individual that I am fortunate to call “friend”.  Cornel has the most amazing ability to create something that is so unique yet at the same time so simple that you ask yourself “now why did I not think of that”.  I love her authenticity and her creative spirit its always such a breath of fresh air just being in her company.  Cornel’s special memory is the beautiful doily…

cornel strydom nostalgia 3

“Crocheted doilies make me feel nostalgic about the wonderfully happy times I spent with my grandmother, Ouma Hanna, on their farm near Bethal. I remember being in the farm kitchen with her, the cole stove burning, a kettle on top of it filled with near boiling water and a tray, set and ready for tea.

cornel strydom nostalgia 1

Ouma Hanna used rectangular doilies to line her tea tray, finely crocheted doilies with beads around the edge to cover the milk jug and keep the farm flies out, and larger doilies crocheted with cotton twine to set the dinner table with.

cornel strydom nostalgia 4

Although I don’t have a single doily that belonged to her, these small ornamental mats is my connection to her.

cornel strydom nostalgia 5

She was a fine woman who made do with what she had. She showed me that contentment comes from appreciating the little things in life, like doilies.”

It is strange how we hold onto the pieces of the past while we wait for our futures. I say take the best from the past, the best from our individual experiences and the best lessons we have been taught, and mould a future that is special, personal and allows you to revel in your real self.

Always look back with joy

Yarn Blessings

The very lucky recipient of the 6 balls of MoYa yarn is Madeleine.  Madeleine we will be contacting you shortly!  congratulations!

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….thank you

I’m sure you will agree that if one really looks at life there is so many things to be grateful for.
One of those things are friendships.

I made these two little thank you cards to say thank you to you for following our blog, it is really amazing to see your likes and comments! To meet like minded-crazy-for-wool-addicts is something I’m very grateful for.

These two cards where also inspired by a very creative friend who gave me something truly beautiful last week.

*you know who you are *


Dankie by Elsbeth

Thank you by Elsbeth

 you can click here to download your  thank you cards

7b3eb70982d7bff752160868ffb11c9bI found this sweet image about frienship on pintrest

Hope you will have  a great love filled week!

love elsbeth

craft share on friday 26 sept 2014

craft share collage 4 september 26 2014

It’s been a while since I had friends over on a Friday morning, to celebrate our shared “addiction”.

craft share collage september 26 2014

Craft Share started in July 2009, with just 1 friend joining me, but quickly grew to 4 of us laughing, baking and crafting.

Over the years (see our albums here) there were times I didn’t even have enough chairs for everyone to sit on.

While busy working on the crochet pattern book for Ideas Magazine (having lots of time for reflection…), I decided to keep Craft Share small and intimate.

That’s what I love most.

To make a meaningful connection with every friend who spends the morning at my house.

craft share collage 3 september 26 2014

Over the last 5 years I’ve made MANY friends and shared my passion for crochet with many.

craft share collage 2 september 26 2014

Last Friday was no different.

I invited 5 friends to join me for an indulgent morning of uninterrupted crocheting.

Amelia, Elsbeth, Marissa, Alna and Juta joined me. I loved it!

You can see our individual photos on Craft Share’s Facebook page.


cornel at craft share 26 sept

I hope you had a lovely weekend and that you feel rested.

With love,

cornel signature

(original post on 28 september 2014)

inspiration thursday: brenda grobler

I got a WhatsApp message two weeks ago from Cornel, who wanted to show me some really gorgeous crochet patterns for tops she wanted to buy.  Up to that point, I’d never heard of Brenda Grobler.  Well, I was amazed and intrigued all at the same time.  It’s always so refreshing to meet individuals that are energised and passionate about what they do.  I remember when I still had my décor store, how exciting it was to meet an artist who put heart and soul into their work.  When an item is made with loving care and you know that many hours have been spent perfecting the final product, there is something magic about it.  As Alan Moore said: “There is very little difference between magic and art. To me, the ultimate act of magic is to create something from nothing: It’s like when the stage magician pulls the rabbit from the hat.”

I hope you enjoy reading my interview with Brenda Grobler, as it illustrates magic in the making…


What inspires you?

Pictures of beautiful interiors, especially French Country-style, rustic environments, the colours and textures in a Spring garden, women that escape a less than fortunate background and manage to achieve successful and happy lives, muted colours, the texture and feel of natural fibres, my children, positive people.


some of brenda’s favourite decor pins on pinterest

When did you start crafting and who taught you?

I must have been around 5 when my mother showed me how to do a treble. With that one little stitch, dozens of coat hanger covers were made. A couple of years later, doilies were the must-have item in most homes. I made a lot of extra cash hooking up different ones and selling them to family members. My mother firmly believed that you can only learn if you try something for yourself. I basically taught myself how to read patterns and do all the other stitches.


brenda’s own designs

Tell me about your crochet work?

I’ve done a lot of pattern design work for Saprotex, a few patterns for African Expressions and I’m currently doing a lot of work for Vinnis Colours. Apart from designing, I also teach crochet. There is nothing more satisfying than helping someone master this beautiful craft. Every Wednesday and Saturday morning I get to spend time with really awesome women, helping them explore their own creativity, while teaching them the do’s and don’ts along the way. I’m so passionate about crochet, it is an absolute thrill to teach newbies and instill a love of crochet in them. That very first time when they master a stitch/pattern/block is priceless. It’s also wonderful to see that the age of my students are dropping. It’s wonderful to know that a whole new generation of crocheters are out there.

How did it all begin?

A friend of mine, Annemie, owns Die Wolnessie in Paarl. Three years ago, she badgered me to start designing and also introduced me to the Head Designer at Saprotex. After Tanya from Saprotex saw what I could do, she asked me to design for them. Up to that point I’ve always only done more décor related items. Garment making was a total new experience, but from the word go, I realised that this was ‘my thing’. I absolutely LOVE doing garments. When Vinni Nielsen from Vinnis Colours approached me at the beginning of the year to do work for her, I literally did back-flips. Her cotton yarn, Nikkim, has long been an absolute favourite of mine, so what could be better than using your fave yarn to design anything?! Vinni gives me carte blanche. I can literally do whatever I want. It’s been a fabulous year, and I’m so looking forward to our new releases around October. Our first patterns were very well received, and I can’t wait to share our new stuff.


brenda collage 1

What do you think will be the next big thing in the world of craft?

I honestly believe that crocheting will only continue to grow and grow. Examples of crocheted décor items are featured quite prominently in glossy décor magazines. Through teaching I’ve noticed that the ages of women wanting to learn have dropped quite substantially. These women will be the trailblazers of a future generation of crocheters. They will also demand more natural fibres. There is a definite trend of people moving away from the old traditional acrylic yarns. Big yarns will also play a bigger role as it is so very suitable to creating bulkier home décor items.

Who on the international craft scene do you admire most and why?

I absolute adore the work Natalia Kononova does. Her design aesthetic is very similar to mine. I love her use of muted colours and clean lines.

Another favourite is Vendulka Maderska. She brings a stunning, fresh and colourful happiness to crochet. You can’t help but smile when you look at her designs.


brenda’s own designs for elle yarns

Where can our readers find you?

My Facebook Group, Hekel Girls:


brenda collage 3

What is your favourite blog and magazine and why?

Haak & Stekie ( I adore Christelle’s writing style and I love following her crochet adventures. Le Monde De Sucrette ( Her personality always shines through in her posts, it actually feel as if you’re having a cup of tea with her. I love conversational blogs, ones where the honesty and sincerity of the person shines through. Favourite mag is definitely Home Magazine. Apart from being a crochet junky, I’m a total décor/DIY ‘uberfan’. I love that they do real homes with real people.

What is your favourite yarn store / craft store and why?

I don’t really have one. I buy a lot of yarn online, so the current favourite would totally depend on what they have available. If I have to choose, it would probably be

brenda collage 2

Brenda has published a number of patterns and I cannot wait to see them featured in another magazine.  I always love seeing individuals reach their full potential and having a look at Brenda’s work you will see she has achieved so much.  Yet, you also know that there is so much more wonderful crochet concepts and ideas that she has up her sleeve.  I cannot wait to see what she conjures up next.


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(original post on 11 september 2014)

crochet and knit weekend getaway

crochet weekend

Join us for a crochet and knit weekend getaway!

Nothing to interrupt you! Only crocheting, knitting, pampering and fun!

We’ll stay at the Cullinan Diamond Lodge from


Each person will receive a luxury gift bag put together by


as well as a pedicure while you crochet or knit. Included in the price of R1995-00 is accommodation, breakfast and dinner for Friday and Saturday, breakfast on Sunday, and an amazing three course meal by Lientjie Denton for Sunday lunch, to end off a perfect weekend!

There are only 34 spots available on a first-come-first-serve basis. The first 34 people to pay in full and send proof of payment, are assured of a place.

Banking details: I Love Yarn, ABSA Bank Cheque account 4080075154. Please send proof of payment to


not included in the price of R1995-00 are lunch and drinks. Please bring snacks along if you wish

2 people will share a room, so if you want to share with someone, please make sure to indicate that to us

cancellation policy – if you cancel too late and we’re not able to find a replacement, your money will unfortunately not be refunded

we cannot keep places without payment

Please bring along your stories, smiles and beautiful projects!

cornel signature(original post on 10 september 2014)


inspiration friday: natasja king

 You know that feeling you have when you’ve never met someone in person, yet when somebody talks about them or when you read their blog or even visit their Facebook page, you have this feeling of familiarity wash over you?  Well that’s exactly how it felt as I was scouting the social media networks looking for another inspiring person to interview for our blog.  I came upon the blog and realised that the author is a South African, living abroad. And that’s how I got introduced to Natasja King.  What is amazing about Natasja is that it took a move 10 years ago to the UK, to introduce her to the craft of crochet.  Reading Natasja’s blog, its difficult to believe that she only learnt to crochet in 2009.   But when you read our interview, you will see that she has an every growing passion for crochet…
natasja 8

What inspires you?

Nature and people inspire me. When I walk to and from Waterloo station along the South Bank, I see so many people from all walks of life. The businessmen with dark suits and bright socks on their bicycles, the German tourists who always tend to wear artsy clothes, the fashionable designers who work in the area and young ladies dressed for cocktails in the Oxo Tower. I notice this all and take mental pictures of what they’re wearing and their colour combinations. If it catches my eye, I ask myself why it was that I noticed it, and I save that image in my head. Sometimes I really take a photograph! Last week I took the bus home instead of walking so I had a bird’s eye view over Fleet street. I spotted a lady in a skirt made from an amazingly colourful, diamond design fabric. I pulled out my iPhone and took picutres. I just had to. The photos aren’t very clear, but the act of taking the photo has imprinted that fabric on my brain and I know all the detail and colour will come back to me when I scroll through the photos again. Weekends away with our campervan also provide a lot of inspiration. Coastlines, trees, farmland, wild flowers – they all inspire my colour choices. Mother Nature knows how to use colour!

When did you start crafting and who taught you?

I taught myself how to crochet in August 2009 with YouTube and a book from the library. I think crochet must be in my DNA. I can remember seeing my great- grandmother crocheting when I was about 7 years old and thought it was fascinating. My mom is a knitter and a quilter, but those crafts didn’t appeal to me as much as crochet (although I can knit and I recently knitted a sweater). I think the crochet bug was just biding it’s time, waiting for the right condition to show itself to me…similar to a butterfly revealing itself to the world.. That turned out to be just after my 32nd birthday. I haven’t looked back since.

natasja 2

How did it all begin?

I had an Afrikaans blog called Livingourdream where I blogged about our new life in the UK. By August 2009 we had been living in the UK for 5 years so there wasn’t much left to say about making a life here. When I discovered crochet, I shared it all on Livingourdream and eventually crochet took over the  Livingourdream blog – no more “John and I went here this weekend”, instead it became “I crocheted this over the weekend”. That’s when I so that I could transfer all the crochet posts from Livingourdream to that blog and focus solely on crochet. The more I croched, the more I wanted to share what I had been creating. Unfortunatley Afrikaans is not the language to blog in if you want to connect with as many poeple as possible and take your crochet career further, so I Now I use my blog to not only share my patterns, inspiration and projects but also as the platform for Crochet For Kidneys, a charity project where we make crochet blankets for dialysis patients.

What do you think will be the next big thing in the world of craft?

I can only speak for myself and my taste. I believe that if I like it, there must be other people out there who likes it too and they will gravitate towards me. My taste changes all the time. Lately I’m loving shades of grey with pops of bright colour. I never used to like yellow or pinkish shades, but now I put them next to grey and I love it, which means I’m also starting to use yellow and pinkish shades in other places. I “blame” Pinterest. It’s filled my laptop with colour and imagery that I wouldn’t otherwise have looked at.  In fact if you see something enough times and styled in lots of diffent ways, you start liking those things you thought you never would. So for me, the current trend is grey + pops of colour, but that’s just me (and I may be very late to catch on to this trend – for all I know, it’s old hat by now, but to me it’s a current trend.)

natasja 3

Where can our readers find you?


Instagram: natasjak

Facebook Page for the blog:

and the Crochet For Kidneys Group:



natasja 4

What is your favourite blog and magazine and why?

I like reading Cherry Heart, Wood Wool & Stool, Breath Happiness. They have great photography and I love their creative minds.

natasja 5

If you had more time on your hands what would you do?

Honestly, I feel okay with the amount of time I have to do the things I love. In May I started working only 3 days a week at the law firm where I’m a legal PA. Now that I have two extra days for crochet and blogging I literally spend more time crocheting than working! I love it and feel very blessed to be able to do this.

natasja 6

What is your favourite yarn store / craft store and why?

I don’t like paying more for something if I don’t need to, so I compare the yarn prices, and Wool Warehouse to see which one has what I want at the best price. The one with the biggest Sale or best Discount Code is my favourite.

natasja 1
I’m sure that, should Natasja return to South Africa, whether it be for a holiday, to visit family or even permanently, she will continue to inspire us with her crochet tales and beautiful pics.

Thank you for inspiring us Natasja!

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(original post on 5 september 2014)