fearless crochet at de montfort university, leicester, uk







De Montfort University’s graduate ready-to-wear collection Spring/Summer 2015 as featured by vogue.co.uk.

These crocheted creations can be described as ‘fearless” and “adventurous”.

It pushes the boundaries of “what-to-wear” and “what-not-to-wear”

and just shows how versatile and visually extravagant dc’s, trebles, bobble stitches and loopy crochet stitches can be.

I am definitely left inspired after seeing this,

although I would tone down the colour palette if I had to make something similar for myself.


Bell Sleeve Revival

I loved wearing vintage clothing in my teens. I used to scour the local vintage stores and visit Rocky Street in Johannesburg to find the most beautiful vintage items. My favorite was any item that had either bell bottoms or bell sleeves. So it was to my absolute delight that I discovered that the bell sleeve is experiencing a revival. From Victoria Beckham to Rosetta Getty – two of the worlds renowned designers have included the bell sleeve in their collections.

Victoria Beckham always a trend setter, launched her version of the bell sleeve jersey in 2015.

victoria beckham

Take a look at Rosetta Getty’s  fall 2016 collection where she showcases her beautiful knitted bell sleeve jersey.


And just because I could not resist, take a look at some of Rosetta Getty’s beautiful crochet items



Gigi Hadid looks super chic in one of Rosetta’s designs


Here are a few Emma Bell designs to inspire you


PicMonkey Collage

There are some interesting bell sleeve knitting and crochet patterns to be found on etsy.com.

 Have a fabulous weekend creating something spectacular!

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granny square beach tops







While on holiday in the Eastern Cape, I couldn’t resist making these granny square tops for our teenage guests.


It starts as a plain granny square with 9 rounds, then the sides are worked over 11 rows (tapers down in the granny square pattern from 6 treble groups to 1 treble group) and finished off with 6 treble-scollops around all the edges*.

Or you can buy the last one here.

Happy weekend!

CORNEL SIGNATURE* English crochet terms

top fashion designers use knitting, crochet and embroidery for Spring/Summer 2016

ralph lauren october 2015 hellohart_com

I’m always on the look out for the latest fashion with a touch of handcrafted goodness. Fashion week in London, New York and Paris (about 3-5 weeks ago) did not disappoint me! There were MANY outfits with knitted detail, crocheted touches and free style embroidery to drool over. Here are a few of my favourite outfits (with some notes on what caught my eye) by some pretty famous designers for Spring/Summer 2016.calvin klein october 2015 hellohart_com

norma kamali october 2015 hellohart_com

lemaire october 2015 hellohart_com

prada 1 october 2015 hellohart_com

gucci 1 october 2015 hellohart_com

gucci 2 october 2015 hellohart_com

christopher kane october 2015 hellohart_com

more christopher kane october 2015 hellohart_com

dolce and gabbana 1 october 2015 hellohart_com

dolce and gabbana 2 october 2015 hellohart_com

dolce and gabbana 3 october 2015 hellohart_com

dolce and gabbana 4 october 2015 hellohart_com

Have a fantastic weekend!


PS To explore more of the latest fashion click HERE

chanel inspiration

Now that winter is slowly turning into spring and all the sweaters, blankets and mittens have been made, or your WIP pile got a bit bigger,  we can start planning our to-make list for spring.

Spring Beanies are a thing this season as you can see in the 2015  Chanel spring collection.

Look how cute!

chanel 1chanel 2

  chanel 4 chanel 3

I’m not sure how many South-Africans will wear a beany in spring since it is really warm here, but I cannot describe how cool these are to me and I decided to spend my Sunday making a beany a-la-Chanel.

I liked the random way the colours played with each other and the little plastic flowers are just so cute!

I couldn’t go to a yarn shop to buy wool for the project…. it was  Sunday and the shops are closed… so I had to use what I had.

knitted beany by Elsbeth

I used 3 different yarns and I found some romantic pink tulle in my fabric stash that I cut into long strips so I could knit with it.

I just knitted in the round with my biggest needles and also didn’t follow any plan.

The tulle and some beads that i found in an old tin was used to make the flowers.

I love to have fun like this and now Amber, my daughter, has another beany for her collection.amber in beany

Hope you have a great week!

love from Elsbeth

juliet cap and (almost) cowl

I knit veeeeeerrrry sloooooooowly, but I feel so chuffed with the results (so far). My mom gave me 4 x 50g balls of Vinnis Serina Turquoise a while ago and asked me to crochet her a tight fitting cap. But this year, I wanted to start knitting again. With very basic knitting skills, I found this lovely pattern on loveknitting.com with just enough interest (little faux cables) and not too scary (technique). I’m really good at practical maths, so after checking my gauge, it was easy to work out how many stitches I needed for the cap. Knitting a texture or pattern is definitely a state of mind. It took me 3 castings on and progressing to row 7 to really get into it. I promise you, I kept reading this pattern till the end. There was just no way that I could predict the repeats of those 12 rows. The nice thing about that is that it was SUCH A CHALLENGE! That’s what I love about knitting! It’s uncomfortable! My one finger had broken skin on it (from pushing back the tip of the needle in my right hand). But seeing those little winding trellises emerge and finishing my rows with the exact amount of stitches left on the pattern! Wow!

Knitting is my new adventure. Yay!

Hope you have a super weekend!



vintage crochet clothes

vintage 1930 crochet top

There is a little puddle of drool in front of my keyboard.

vintage denim skirt with crochet

vintage victorian day dress

I would wear this.

vintage handmade lace tank

And this.

vintage 1980 crochet top

vintage victorian lace top

This is soooooo pretty.

vintage victorian day dress detail

All these vintage one-of-a-kind pieces are for sale at Free People.

I don’t think they’ll be in the shop for long.

Have a lovely weekend!


hello delores

May I introduce you to Delores….my new autumn scarf.

Well, it’s not really a SCARF but more of a wanna-be scarf or even a bow necktie!

I do love bows and shared some of my favorites in this post.

Delores by Elsbeth

I spent my evenings knitting her, and yesterday I crocheted a little lacy border for her.

Best part of this scarf is that it is really very simple.

If you haven’t knitted for a while, this will be the prefect project to get into knitting again.

I used Malabrigo lace yarn and I must confess that it is much easier knitting with thicker yarn, but the super softness was a treat to work with!

pattern for Delores by Elsbeth

Delores by Elsbeth

Delores by Elsbeth

The basic shape is a rectangle with two pointy ends.

You can just brush up on increasing and decreasing via youtube if you are a bit rusty.

The fun part is combining some knitting and crochet!

We all have so many cute crochet border patterns in our files and folders, so go through them and find one that you always wanted to try out! Mine was inspired by Lise Franck on Instagram (HERE).

You’ll also find many here.

Delores by Elsbeth

I am definitely going to use my Fancy Pansy Brooch with this scarf.

The crochet edge really makes this scarfy (because it is not a SCARF) so sweet and yummy for me.

I am looking forward to the cooler days so I can take Delores out for the day.Delores and Elsbeth

Hope you have a fantasic week!

love from Elsbeth

PS: what do you think of the folder I made and painted for my pattern?

I’m going to make a folder for all my projects so I can document when I start and finish, a little sample of the yarn- even the lot number and the price, how many skeins was used,  a place where the pattern can go in and a place for notes.

I can just imagine looking back a few years from now and seeing all my projects in their own specially made folders!