my butterfly brooch


I had so much fun making this! A cute little butterfly brooch…..

It has two sides. The fun speckled yarn side……..

FullSizeRender (14)

….and another side with flowers

FullSizeRender (7)

the collection yarns

I used an arty speckled yarn from one of a kind yarns, black vinnis nikkim to crochet the two sides together and to crochet the middle of the butterfly’s body and to embroider 2 small flowers.

The other side of the butterfly was crocheted with some delicious natural merino dk yarn, and cowgirlblues merino lace was used for the little french knots and flowers.

If you would like to see it in action on my jersey you can pop over to my instagram account. Winter is here and its time for jerseys, sweaters, scarves, beanies and mittens…and of course, my cute little butterfly brooch!

Have a lovely weekend

love from Elsbeth

ps: this is the pattern that I used.

Be bright

Things that brightened up my day….

  • Receiving the most funky and sweet place mats ever from Cornel this morning while working on our crochet book.
  • This neon yellow African fabric I used to dress my paper doll version of myself.  These paper dolls are part of our Empty Nest workshops at Tierlantynkies . Please see the workshop schedule if you live in Gauteng,-  our workshops will brighten up your day and no previous art experience needed to make and paint yourself and your family!



Hope you have a bright, shiny weekend full of love

love from Elsbeth


Little Lionel

amigurumi by lsbeth


amigurumi by elsbeth

amber and lionelWinter time might be the best time where you can really show your love by making blankets, sweaters , scarves and mittens for your loved ones.

It is such a tangible way to show you care  because  it will keep them nice and warm- is beautiful and specially made for them!

That’s why i made a little amigurumi pet for my daughter.

”Amigurumi (編みぐるみ?, lit. crocheted or knitted stuffed toy) is the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small stuffed animals and anthropomorphic creatures. The word is derived from a combination of the Japanese words ami, meaning crocheted or knitted, and nuigurumi, meaning stuffed doll ”

                                                                                                                                  …. from wikipedia

Crocheting a little amigurumi pet is one of my favorite things to do. I never use a pattern and this makes it a fun project for me. (could also be because I find it so difficult to read patterns!)

I used African Expressions to make Lionel. The yarn consists of 45% Merino Wool  45% Kid Mohair and 10% Mulberry Silk so it is super soft.

Afterwards I brushed him with a brush to make him extra fluffy!

Maybe I should do a tutorial one day and show you how I do it?

Let me know via our facebook page.

Have a great week and stay warm!

love from Elsbeth

hello delores

May I introduce you to Delores….my new autumn scarf.

Well, it’s not really a SCARF but more of a wanna-be scarf or even a bow necktie!

I do love bows and shared some of my favorites in this post.

Delores by Elsbeth

I spent my evenings knitting her, and yesterday I crocheted a little lacy border for her.

Best part of this scarf is that it is really very simple.

If you haven’t knitted for a while, this will be the prefect project to get into knitting again.

I used Malabrigo lace yarn and I must confess that it is much easier knitting with thicker yarn, but the super softness was a treat to work with!

pattern for Delores by Elsbeth

Delores by Elsbeth

Delores by Elsbeth

The basic shape is a rectangle with two pointy ends.

You can just brush up on increasing and decreasing via youtube if you are a bit rusty.

The fun part is combining some knitting and crochet!

We all have so many cute crochet border patterns in our files and folders, so go through them and find one that you always wanted to try out! Mine was inspired by Lise Franck on Instagram (HERE).

You’ll also find many here.

Delores by Elsbeth

I am definitely going to use my Fancy Pansy Brooch with this scarf.

The crochet edge really makes this scarfy (because it is not a SCARF) so sweet and yummy for me.

I am looking forward to the cooler days so I can take Delores out for the day.Delores and Elsbeth

Hope you have a fantasic week!

love from Elsbeth

PS: what do you think of the folder I made and painted for my pattern?

I’m going to make a folder for all my projects so I can document when I start and finish, a little sample of the yarn- even the lot number and the price, how many skeins was used,  a place where the pattern can go in and a place for notes.

I can just imagine looking back a few years from now and seeing all my projects in their own specially made folders!


hello fancy pansy

This weekend was spent sorting out my yarn stash. My daughter wanted to knit a scarf for the cooler Johannesburg mornings, and while looking for something suitable, I found the beautiful Pierrot Linen Yarn that I got as a gift at our crochet Weekend last october.

I decided to make a small Pansy Flower brooch for myself.


I love to crochet brooches- I usually make them when I want instant gratification. Its easy to start and quick to finish and feels amazing to add something new to your outfit.

The natural linen yarn has a very interesting texture- it is stiff and takes a bit to get used to, but once you start the texture becomes amazingly soft.

The way my little leaves and flower kept their form and how the hit of shimmer from the yarn played with the light just won me over.



fancy pancy brooch by elsbeth

If you can remember from my previous post, my dog played with my precious Malabrigo Silkpaca yarn and I promise you, I tried to unravel it but it was just impossible to wind back to a ball.

So now I have messy leftovers and most of my projects that need a little bit of yellow amazingness will get the silkpaca treatment. I added some french knots in the centre of my crochet flower with my silkpaca.

fancy pancy brooch by elsbeth

fancy pancy brooch by elsbeth

I highly recommend this yarn for making necklaces and little accessories or any project where you want texture and a natural feel.


Lucy also loves the brooch and couldn’t wait to try it on!

fancy pancy brooch by elsbeth

Have a great week!

love from Elsbeth

PS: My daughter ended up knitting a scarf with some Vinnis Bambi.

She is going for a colour block effect. How sweet!


Granny Goodness.

I have too many granny squares lying in my stash bag. I went through a granny square crochet phase, like I can imagine many of us do. I made a few items and still I had some motives left over.

I get very sentimental over all these little motives I made but to keep them in my stash pile is silly. I need more space for some WOOL!

So this is what I did with some of the Grannies that I found in my WIP pile.

All you need is some old tins or containers.

some old tins

Take your granny squares and see how many do you need to sew or crochet together to cover the tin.

I needed to sew 6 granny squares together to cover my tin.

I made these granny Squares with Vinnis Bambi.

granny square goodnessI added a shell stitch crochet top border and a simple border of single crochet stitches for the bottom in a contrasting colour.

A few tufts of purple wool added a bit of fun to my soft pastel granny design.

granny square goodness

granny square goodness

granny square goodness

You can also use some of your crochet swatches to dress a container.

 I played with bobble stitches in natural yarn the other day.

I love the look of bobbles.

Simply sew the sides together, add a cute border design (here i did the shell stitch border in the same natural colour) and voila… a cute container for stuff.



PS: Inspired to also dress some containers in granny goodness or your crochet swatches?

Please share your creations on our facebook group, we always love to see what you are up to!

hello monday

me and the babette

……Ladies and maybe a gentleman or two, may I represent my first ever finished crochet blanket!

Yes, my first.

I am a very eager starter when it comes to any project but halfway through something else catches my eye and my project becomes part of the WIP pile. Sometimes it will stay there for a month but *hanging my head in shame* some will never see my hook or needles again…

babette blanket

This amazing blanket was my gift to my daughter who started studying at WITS this year.

We decided on Vinnis Bambi, a beautiful blend of 70% organic cotton and 30% bamboo blend.

The yarn is hand dyed and balled by women in a rural area of South Africa.

The primary colours I used was  turquoise, black, and natural and all the others colours was part of the secondary palette.

 babette blanket


bottomleftThis blanket is such a lovely project.

I used Kathy Merrick‘s pattern for the basic layout but didn’t follow her pattern when it came to the colour combinations for each block.


If you are looking for a project that is easy, fun and where you can express your creativity, I highly recommend this blanket!

I know that there are some of you out there that made amazing Babette blankets! Please  join our Facebook page and share your Babette with us, I would love to see yours.

love elsbeth

hello monday

I have a very playful spirit and tend to enjoy sweet, cute and adorable projects if I have a little bit of time on my hands. So it will come as no surprise if I want to let you know, that if you need a bit of fun in your life, you can just put a bow on it!


It is really one of the easiest little decorations  that you can make, to add to some of your projects for a little bit of extra fun and attitude.

Here is a collection of crocheted and knitted items that I simply adore – just because of the bows!!!

green bow cape

like a poncho but not quite – I love the colour combination!

simple and elegant

Simple and elegant scarf

crochet scarf

An easy knit scarf.

shoulder bow

Pink sweater plus bow…… simply genius !

blue dress with bow

Navy blue dress with attitude!

knitted scarf

My favorite scarf.

This is definitely on my to-do list for autumn and winter

bow neclace

Oh such a cute necklace.

little jersey with bow detail

I adore this jersey with knitted bow detail.

little shoes with bows

I can just imagine some tiny little baby feet in these cute crochet shoes.

Hope you are going to have a great week and remember that whatever you are making…. put a Bow on it!

love elsbeth

hello spring

…it’s finally Spring!

I love the freshness of Spring.

It’s in the air, in our gardens and a perfect time to stash those thick winter wool away and get your spring yarns out!

Here are some of my favorite spring inspired images….



spring bags

These bags have been crochet with a BIG hook and delicate yarn – I love the see through effect.

triangle bag

….because nothing says ‘It’s Spring’ like this combination of fun colours!

granny squares

I often start with a lot of enthusiasm on a project and then something else catches my eyes and I never complete my crochet project. This is a wonderfully creative way to use some of your unfinished granny squares!


This is such a pretty handbag!

Can’t wait to make one for myself.



yellow blankey

Spring sunset, glass of white wine,  a good book

….and this blanket. Perfection!

Since Spring is in the air and lots of little flowers and birds are visiting my garden, I made you a special spring inspired free PDF.

Hope you like it!

(and if you’re on Instagram, remember to share yours with #hellohartco)



keep calm and crochet a little bit

click on the link and download the pdf to your computer.
hope you have a great week!
love elsbeth

(original post 1 Septemeber 2014)