it was the year 1886

Writing a crochet book is not for the fainthearted let me tell you.

Cornel told Anisa and myself that writing a crochet book is A LOT OF WORK, but I must confess I didn’t really believe her…..crochet, work? How is that even possible.

*Cornel has written a crochet book for Ideas Magazine a while ago (so she knows what she is talking about and we have all loved making some of the special patterns in it.) By the way….. if you subscribe for the electronic Ideas Magazine/ Idees Tydskrif  you can get the crochet book for free!!!! )

So, after a few months of working on the book I agree…. it is A LOT OF WORK!

It is also such an interesting experience…I am loving the creative side of looking at the amazing yarn our sponsors donated, thinking of lovely things to crochet, letting my imagination go wild, starting 20 times, frogging 21 times to get something right while writing everything down too!!!!

I really admire all the knitting and crochet designers out there for creating wonderful patterns for all of us to make. The small amount of money that we pay for a well written pattern that was tested is really not that much and I applaud the ladies who support designers by buying patterns and not just copying them from friends……

I have been going through many of my old crochet and knitting files and found this adorable book. I only have the scans of these pages and maybe someone knows where it can be found online?

It was edited by Jenny June in 1886 and I want to share the introduction with you. It made me feel so close to these lovely ancient ladies who made things, lovely and practical, with their hands.

(Thanks to my dear daughter Amber, who kindly typed the Introduction so that it can be read easily)


whole intro



Have a lovely weekend making lovely things!

love from Elsbeth

on-the-go in handmade style

On a recent vintage shopping spree at Provance Vintage fair, I found this lovely basket….. perfect for my on-the-go crochet and knitting projects.

FullSizeRender (6)I love the wooden beaded handles, but I had some plans for the boring grey lining and knew that I will find something in my fabric stash that I can use to take the inside from boring to fab!.

This floral fabric is also from a secondhand shop and I really like how this very busy floral fabric blends in with the natural  basket colour.

The crochet butterfly pin cushion on the fabric was my first attempt at making a butterfly brooch. I crocheted a bit too loose so the butterfly is really far too big for a brooch, but makes a lovely pin cushion. Here is my butterfly brooch if you are curious.

FullSizeRender (17)

The fabric was cut to follow the shape of the basket. After sewing it together I stitched it into the basket and voila….

FullSizeRender (13)

A little fabric pocket for scissors and notions make it very practical.

The first project to enjoy this cosy new basket is the Maddermade Cardigan.

I am busy knitting one for my husband in the most glorious Alpaca yarn from Quenti Alpacas. I highly recommend this pattern if you want to knit a cardigan. The best part is that you can decide how long, fitted or straight the cardigan should be, so you design the pattern with the help of Carrie’s clear instructions. I am not an experienced knitter by the way, so trust me on this!


FullSizeRender (14)

FullSizeRender (16)

I am so please with this little project.

Wishing you a creative weekend full of possibilities

love from Elsbeth


my butterfly brooch


I had so much fun making this! A cute little butterfly brooch…..

It has two sides. The fun speckled yarn side……..

FullSizeRender (14)

….and another side with flowers

FullSizeRender (7)

the collection yarns

I used an arty speckled yarn from one of a kind yarns, black vinnis nikkim to crochet the two sides together and to crochet the middle of the butterfly’s body and to embroider 2 small flowers.

The other side of the butterfly was crocheted with some delicious natural merino dk yarn, and cowgirlblues merino lace was used for the little french knots and flowers.

If you would like to see it in action on my jersey you can pop over to my instagram account. Winter is here and its time for jerseys, sweaters, scarves, beanies and mittens…and of course, my cute little butterfly brooch!

Have a lovely weekend

love from Elsbeth

ps: this is the pattern that I used.

our workshops at Tierlantynkies

In 19 days, Cornel and myself will embark on a crazy amazing adventure….

Hosting crochet workshops for a whole week at Tierlantynkies here in Pretoria, our home town.

This annual market celebrates all things home-made, hand-made and love-made, and is highly recommended if you are looking for something special and unique.


Since starting our ‘Gentle Art of Making‘  classes mid  last year, we have seen the magic that happens in our get-togethers. Ladies of all ages come to learn how to crochet, and in the process discover not only the joy of learning a new skill, but also the joy of making things with their hands and being creative.

If you are in need to connect with your creative self and see how amazing it is to create with your hands, I highly recommend coming to our workshops. The best thing about learning to crochet now is that winter is coming and that means you can make…. mittens, scarves and blankets!

Join our beginners crochet class where we will introduce you to the basics- even left handed ladies are welcome.

Our crochet motive class will be prefect for those who can hold a hook and yarn. You will get 3 lovely crochet motive diagrams to choose from, and we will go step-by-step in guiding you to master the art of reading crochet diagrams.

All your class material, yarn and hook will be included.

Here is the schedule, specially made for our local Afrikaans ladies. Our classes are bi-lingual, so everyone is welcome!

empty nest workshop schedule for tierlantynkies

…and for those in need of a bit of paper and fabric fun, our paper doll class is for you!

I specially designed cute paper dolls and you have the opportunity to make a paper doll version of yourself, or a loved one.

Everything is included and you don’t need to be an artist!

I will give some inside arty tips to make you comfortable with a brush and paint, and guide you through the whole process.  Add a magnetic strip to her back, and your movable paper doll can live happily on any metal surface, like a fridge.

Please contact us for more info and to book your spot. We like our classes small so space is limited.

Have a lovely weekend,

love from Elsbeth

Be bright

Things that brightened up my day….

  • Receiving the most funky and sweet place mats ever from Cornel this morning while working on our crochet book.
  • This neon yellow African fabric I used to dress my paper doll version of myself.  These paper dolls are part of our Empty Nest workshops at Tierlantynkies . Please see the workshop schedule if you live in Gauteng,-  our workshops will brighten up your day and no previous art experience needed to make and paint yourself and your family!



Hope you have a bright, shiny weekend full of love

love from Elsbeth


Sophie Digard 

If you are on Pinterest and you love crochet, you would have drooled over the amazing work of textile and fiber artist Sophie Digard.

I saw these beautiful brooches and it was love at first sight!

A little bit of velvet, some crochet and other bits of fiber and voila!!! ….a bit of beauty to carry with you.

Hope your weekend is full of wool!

love from Elsbeth

PS For some more lovely things click HERE

the gentle art of crochet

I remember the first time I tried to crochet.

It was long before youtube, pinterest and the internet. I think I bought a crochet book at the hospice and all the necessary tools at the local wool shop…… and the struggle started.

It was not an easy journey.

Now, after many decades I absolutely love to crochet! Where it was frustrating and complicated it is now relaxing and energizing and the feeling of completing something is so GOOD!

I felt quite confident with my crochet skills, making hats, scarfs, blankets that turned into cushion covers (it is sometimes difficult to finish something you know) ….. but reading a pattern was still a daunting task. The magical land of crochet diagrams and written patterns was out of my reach and something I struggled with and contributed to a few grey hairs!

With this in mind something beautiful was created… The Gentle Art of Crochet

This is a very special crochet course that Cornel and myself designed for absolute beginners and for those with basic crochet skills. Our get-togethers are super fun and since we start at the beginning you will become confident in your skills and the whole wide wonderful world of crochet will be at your fingertips- ready to tackle those diagrams and the patterns in that confusing written crochet language.

Our intention with The Gentle Art of Crochet is to provide a creative space where you can master the language of crochet, understand yarns, hooks and the notions that you will use, and ultimately to become confident in making and creating with your hands and also to have lots of fun with like minded ladies….(gentlemen are also welcome)

If you are an I-can’t-hold-a crochet-hook  beginner or a beginner with basic skills that wants to be more confident in reading diagrams and written patterns, then the Gentle Art of Crochet is for you. At the end of the 4 weeks you will have learned to crochet and have a beautiful handmade workbook with all your course material to use as reference.

We are total paper and wool lovers, water paint splashing specialists, washi tape masters and stamping with stuff ladies and your class experience will be filled with all sorts of creativity to make learning fun and unforgettable!




the gentle art of crochet workbook



empty nest kits and making announcement stitched

February 2015: 

Wednesday 3, 10, 17 and 24.

We have 3 sessions that you can choose from:

morning 9-12; afternoon 2-5; evening 6-9.

The course is R650 for the 4 classes and includes all your course material, yarn, crochet hooks and notions.

We love giving lots of attention and guidance and keep our get-togethers small, please book a spot as soon as possible by sending an email with your name and preferred time slot to

Venue: the new Romo Showroom, opposite Aroma Gourmet Coffee at 4 Graham Road, Shere A.H.,  Pretoria 0081

empty nest kits and making announcement stitched

Hope your week will be amazing and filled with love

………..and yarn of course!

love from Elsbeth




hello 2016

The first month of 2016 is almost over and that means one thing…. warming up for 2016 is over and its time to start making 2016 the best!

Some really amazing and exciting plans are brewing here at hellohart and we just want to say a big thank you to all the amazing readers and followers that we have met since starting the blog!

How amazing that our shared love for yarn has made our friend circle so big and beautiful.

All our warm woolie love

Cornel, Anisa and Elsbeth


hellohart team



pretty paelas

One of my new friends are about to move back to Germany. She is expecting her first little baby, due end of January.

I feel so excited to have the opportunity to make something for the new little girl that will join their family next year (as if we need an excuse to make special little things- hehehehe).

I discovered Paelas on my Instagram feed and here are my favorite designs.

paelas collage

I love the sweet simple designs and from looking through all their patterns one can see they use beautiful high quality yarns, lovely modern colours that are not too boy/girl orientated and designs that are classical.

Paelas was established in spring 2014 by three women sharing the same dream for creating beautiful knitted baby and children clothing.

The patterns are for newborns and children both female and male, aged 0-6 years old.

You can find more about them here:



Now I just need to decide which one of the cuties I will make!

Have a lovely week…

love from Elsbeth