Fashion for your Pooch

In February Cornel did a fabulous post all about Marc Jacobs and the extra ordinary crochet detail that forms part of his 2016 Fall collection.

 Winter is on its way (I know it’s awful) and that got me thinking, how am I going to keep my four legged babies warm this Winter?   Last year I bought them a few outfits from our local pet store.

My one sausage dog “Biscuit” paraded around as if she was the queen of the castle while my tiny baby “Lilly” promptly started chewing hers off (by day 2 it was in shreds).

So this year I thought why don’t I crochet something for them. And so I started to explore the internet.

Take a look at some of these cute outfits I found. Over and over again I was “ooohhhhing and ahhhhing” – you know what I mean.




Here are some fabulous patterns that I found as well.

Once upon a Poodle

Chevron Dog Sweater

I particularly love the vintage jerseys below. I think I’m going to give the sausage dog sweater a try.


 Here are the patterns for the vintage creations shown above:


The Turtle Neck

Sausage Dog Sweater

The Granny Square

And for those of you that just want to buy something cute, take a look at these delightful creations from PetDogApparel

PicMonkey Collage2

PicMonkey Collage


Now this will surely make you laugh – check out the cute Guinea pig with its beautiful jacket.


Have a fun filled weekend and be sure to share your gorgeous pet creations with us on our Facebook page

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