buying blankets

I only wanted to buy one blanket – the one top left in the collage, but Rasta took me upstairs to the third floor where a man (I can’t remember his name) was busy weaving a white blanket with black stripes on a ‘contraption’ that was definitely home made.

Then back to Place Des Espices to buy some last gifts

and drinking some more mint tea.

Mohammed asked me if I take sugar in my tea.

He is one of thousands of Moroccans who suffer from diabetes.

mint tea

Lunch with Ingrid, Rosa and Ank at El Fenn:

ell fenn entrance
ell fenn lunch spot

ell fenn pool

ell fenn

By this time, the prayers at midday from the Koutoubia mosque seemed magical. Such an integral part of this strange and beautiful city.

Listening to it just before lunch on the rooftop at El Fenn, was extra special.

keeping up

last pics 1

saying goodbye

Flying back to South Africa via Casablanca (detail in the airport)…


It has been 3,5 months since I visited Morocco for Ingrid Jansens’ #coolcrochetworkshop.

Before doing this blog post I had to check my photo stream to see what we actually did on the last day in Marrakech, because frankly, the exact dates and details have faded,

but the memories have not and this place will forever be in my heart.

Ingrid recently did a blog post with beautiful photos of Marrakech about the April #coolcrochetworkshop HERE.

There’s only one room left!

making plans

On the second day back in South Africa, I had lunch with Elsbeth and Anisa at Moroccan House in Menlopark, Pretoria, to tell them about the flower of Morocco … Marrakech,

how amazing Ingrid is,

how generous Ank was,

how many other beautiful woman from around the world just love to crochet

and how we HAD to experience the October 2016 #coolcrochetworkshop together!

But before then,

the 3 of us will write a crochet book together (yes, seriously!!!)

and Elsbeth and I will teach about 100 women how to crochet on Wednesdays (SEE DETAIL HERE)

and at Tierlantynkies Koop en Kuier Fees from 27 April to 3 May in Saal street, Pretoria.

Have a lovely week,


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