the gentle art of crochet

I remember the first time I tried to crochet.

It was long before youtube, pinterest and the internet. I think I bought a crochet book at the hospice and all the necessary tools at the local wool shop…… and the struggle started.

It was not an easy journey.

Now, after many decades I absolutely love to crochet! Where it was frustrating and complicated it is now relaxing and energizing and the feeling of completing something is so GOOD!

I felt quite confident with my crochet skills, making hats, scarfs, blankets that turned into cushion covers (it is sometimes difficult to finish something you know) ….. but reading a pattern was still a daunting task. The magical land of crochet diagrams and written patterns was out of my reach and something I struggled with and contributed to a few grey hairs!

With this in mind something beautiful was created… The Gentle Art of Crochet

This is a very special crochet course that Cornel and myself designed for absolute beginners and for those with basic crochet skills. Our get-togethers are super fun and since we start at the beginning you will become confident in your skills and the whole wide wonderful world of crochet will be at your fingertips- ready to tackle those diagrams and the patterns in that confusing written crochet language.

Our intention with The Gentle Art of Crochet is to provide a creative space where you can master the language of crochet, understand yarns, hooks and the notions that you will use, and ultimately to become confident in making and creating with your hands and also to have lots of fun with like minded ladies….(gentlemen are also welcome)

If you are an I-can’t-hold-a crochet-hook  beginner or a beginner with basic skills that wants to be more confident in reading diagrams and written patterns, then the Gentle Art of Crochet is for you. At the end of the 4 weeks you will have learned to crochet and have a beautiful handmade workbook with all your course material to use as reference.

We are total paper and wool lovers, water paint splashing specialists, washi tape masters and stamping with stuff ladies and your class experience will be filled with all sorts of creativity to make learning fun and unforgettable!




the gentle art of crochet workbook



empty nest kits and making announcement stitched

February 2015: 

Wednesday 3, 10, 17 and 24.

We have 3 sessions that you can choose from:

morning 9-12; afternoon 2-5; evening 6-9.

The course is R650 for the 4 classes and includes all your course material, yarn, crochet hooks and notions.

We love giving lots of attention and guidance and keep our get-togethers small, please book a spot as soon as possible by sending an email with your name and preferred time slot to

Venue: the new Romo Showroom, opposite Aroma Gourmet Coffee at 4 Graham Road, Shere A.H.,  Pretoria 0081

empty nest kits and making announcement stitched

Hope your week will be amazing and filled with love

………..and yarn of course!

love from Elsbeth




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