cool crochet workshop october 2015 day 4

fourth day 1

There is no better word to describe Fellah Hotel other than SWANKY.

As one of my fellow travelers remarked: “This hotel could have been anywhere, even in Miami”.

fourth day 3

Its 13 kilometers from Marrakech, on the way to Ourika. Ank (bless her) wanted to show us what it looked like, so we stopped here for refreshments.

Vogue recently selected Fellah as one of their 5 top family getaways.

It’s all about protecting the environment, sustainable living, gardening, yoga …

fourth day 2

Fellah Hotel’s website HERE.

fourth day 5

We would spend the rest of the day at the Kasbah Bab Ourika.

fourth day 6

What a view! Turn around and you’d see this:

fourth day 4

fourth day 7

fourth day 8

Just to give you an idea: “Constructed principally from Pise (rammed earth), the traditional Berber building technique, it blends easily with rock and earth around it. Thick walls provide natural insulation in the heat and along with solar panels ensure a balanced temperature. All water at the Kasbah is recycled and used in the garden. An innovative biodigester system is used to produce electricity and also compost for the garden; the village below also benefits” (from here)

fourth day second last

But, we were here for a reason.

fourth day 9

As I see it you have one of 2 choices: you could either

join Ingrid in Morocco for a #coolcrochetworkshop


you could order your own loopy cushion crocheted by Ingrid from her Etsy shop. It’s up to you!

fourth day last

We stayed until dark, when it started to rain.

Another beautiful day spent with new friends.

Ingrid has shown our October 2015 #coolcrochetworkshop from a completely other FRESH angle. Visit her blog for posts HERE.


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