cool crochet workshop october 2015 day 3

third day 1

By day 3 we settled into a routine of waking up (not too early), sharing breakfast on the roof terrace of Hotel Chambres d’Amis and then meeting in the courtyard or the salon before going out to explore Marrakech.

In the photo above Ingrid chooses crochet hooks for our lesson of the day. I wanted to make her something to show my appreciation for her, and started working on a South Bay Shawl.

The yarn is Moroccan, very thin and ‘lumpy’ (like a bouclé) and I’m using a 4mm hook.

third day 2

A very emotional meeting with Aisha on the Place Des Espices. She doesn’t speak English, but she was VERY generous in teaching us her authentic Moroccan way of crochet.

third day aisha by ingrid

Rosa asked Aisha a year earlier to show her what she looked like. She simply took out her passport and showed Rosa her photo.


I’m convinced that you do not have to know what a person looks like on the outside, to see the purity in their heart.

third day crochet with aisha by ingrid

(2 photos above by Ingrid; thank you!)

third day 3

I’m wearing sunglasses because I couldn’t stop crying while sitting with Aisha.

Between the 13 of us (Ingrid and Ank included) we bought 40 of Aisha’s beanies. You should have seen the untidy beanie-mess when we left.

Aisha’s eyes were smiling.
third day 4

Ank (owner of Hotel Chambres d’Amis and our guide to the city) really made sure we experienced the essence of Marrakech.

We visited a contemporary Moroccan gallery where most of the items were up-cycled and given a new funky purpose…


Think Coca-Cola crates, empty oil cans, flour sacks, plastic carpets etc…

third day 5

From a very narrow but busy street, you step through a small door into this place!

Le Jardin’s INSTAGRAM account is HERE.

third day 6

third day le jardin by ingrid

(photo above by Ingrid)

third day norya by ellen grave

I couldn’t resist buying one of Norya Ayron’s dresses. The fabric is Moroccan and it’s made in Marrakech. The little label in the back says: “AFRICA IS NOW”.

I agree.

Norya’s INSTAGRAM account is HERE.

third day me at le jardin by ellen grave

This is me, in my new dress, looking at Le Jardin’s terrace. Thanks to Ellen Grave for the photo.

Ellen’s INSTAGRAM account is HERE.

third day 7

third day silk and motorcycles

On our way back to the riad Ellen and I passed a small open area where the motorcycles are parked next to a red-and-white raw silk curtain hanging on a wire! ONLY IN MARRAKECH.

third day 8

One of many highlights of the day was seeing this beautifully faded thick cotton throw on a sofa in a shop in the souk. I didn’t want to buy it (immediately thinking I could figure the pattern out for myself), but nevertheless asked the shop manager about it’s origin.

“From Mexico”, he replied.


This city is full of surprises.

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