cool crochet workshop october 2015 day 1

arriving in marrakech copy

Nothing (and I really mean nothing) could have prepared me for Marrakech.

So, why did I spend 6 days in this place, travelling 32 hours from my home in Pretoria, South Africa?


I wanted to be part of a unique experience of crocheting with Ingrid Jansen (in the photo above)  from WOODWOOLSTOOL and 10 other crochet-crazy creative woman (below) from around the world.

Meet (back row from left) Amanda, Marie, Rosa, Agalize, Connie, Ellen, myself, Monique,

(middle row) Beate, Caron and Angeline,

crocheteers october 2015

(Photo taken by the very talented Ingrid, our teacher and inspiration)

Anke van der Pluijm, generous hostess, Dutch, English, French, German and Arabic-speaking owner of Hotel Chambres d’Amis, the riad we called home while in Marrakech, is in front – in true “Ank-style”.

I arrived a day before the workshop officially started, so there was time to get acquainted with fellow crocheteers and the area around Hotel Chambres d’Amis.

pre workshop 1

A “souk” refers to an open air or tented market or bazaar in a Arab country.

We referred to Rahba Lakdima as ‘Place Des Espices’: the market/place where spices are sold.

If you ever find yourself here, have a coffee or mint tea at Café Des Espices and lunch/dinner at Nomad (see photo below)!

pre workshop 2

Getting a table for lunch at Nomad without a reservation was a bonus.

Connie and I didn’t mind sitting in the glaring sun, because we were too excited.

pre workshop 3

According to Beyond Marrakech Boucherouite rugs are

“Wonderfully extravagant in colour and timeless in design … exuberate and delightfully irresistible. Scraps of old clothes are given new life as they become part of an infinite fantasy, a rug of rags. But there is nothing poor or shabby about the rag rug, it is a fusion of splendour, happiness and divine creativity.”

 #coolcrochetworkshop October 2015 DAY 1:

marrakech day 1


Hotel Chambres d’Amis is an oasis in the Medina of Marrakech.

1 first morning in the streets

3 first morning in the streets

The unnecessary and the necessary.

2 first morning in the streets

4 first morning in the streets

Our guide to the city (boy, everybody knows Ank!) in front of a random “pretty” doorway.

5 first day in the streets

7 first day in the streets

In my opinion, this handsome boy, Hamidou, was the flower of the Maison de la Photographie. Photo taken some time in 1885, Morocco.

6 first morning in the streets

I initially thought that I could do one blog post for my Moroccan adventure, but alas, there’s too much to show.

So, for DAY 2, come back to the blog on Monday.


To read more about Djemaa el Fna, the market at the heart of Marrakech, click here

7 thoughts on “cool crochet workshop october 2015 day 1

  1. Awesome blog, I’m travelling to Marrakech in Feb with some people from work. We have a French national with us and she and a few other people are anxious about , I have tried to tell them it’s safe! Any tips to help put there
    Minds at rest?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes of course! There were many tourists in Marrakech and even parents with small children. It would be even better to contact Anke van der Pluijm, because she’s been visiting Marrakech for 18 years and have owned Hotel Chsmbres d’Amis in the Medina for 11 years. Please click on the link in the blog post for her contact details.

      Liked by 1 person

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