Life is like a Patchwork

PicMonkey Collage

Patchwork is defined as something composed of many different elements so as to appear variegated. A great analogy for the journey of life don’t you think.

I love patchwork in all forms; as upholstery, in the traditional needlework form and of course the every beautiful granny square blanket. Patchwork reminds me of our life journey, each patch representing an event in one’s life – á journey filled with spectacular turns and experiences. And when you look at a patchwork creation once its complete it holds many hours of magic – representing a point in time in the artist’s life journey.

PicMonkey Collage3

I’ve been extremely busy of late and have not had time to really crochet or knit. I’ve missed it so much. It was Friday last week I was sitting in my garden looking at how the blossoms on a jacaranda tree were unfolding. It was a patchwork of mauve hues and texture. Immediately I was inspired to do something that represents both the colour and patchwork of my blessed life. I was inspired by this beautiful flowing jersey by Daniela Gregis.


It’s simple, has texture and depth yet it’s all about getting back to basics. I’m using the gorgeous Malabrigo yarn I bought at I love Yarn. It drapes beautifully. I’m only a week into the project and it’s “a learn as you go” experience for me. No pattern, winging it as one would say. Loving it, the freedom to just experiment. Ill share the finished product with you soon!

Take a look at some of these really gorgeous pictures of patchwork in all its forms.

PicMonkey Collagex

PicMonkey Collage6 

PicMonkey Collage2


I found this beautiful poem and thought you would love to read it.

Beautiful handmade, Patchwork Quilts… Made over time, and precisely built.

Made with pieces of cloth, various patterns or lines. Reminds me of people’s lives, representing periods of time.

Some pieces are pretty black, with various sizes or shapes. Remind me of times in my life, when I just wanted to escape.

Other pieces are dark blue like a dark, rainy sky. Remind me of times in my life, when I would just cry and cry.

Other pieces are very red, like a big sign of danger. Reminds me of times in my life, when my ex was like a stranger.

Then some are beautiful white, very shiny and bright. Remind me of when I was saved, and finally saw the Light.

So many times in our lives, represented by a different hue. But all these times of our lives, make up a beautiful you.

For each moment in our lives, adds up like a house built. Step by step we are made, like a homemade patchwork quilt.

Though individual pieces of cloth, may not be beautiful one by one. It’s beautiful when put together, and its purpose in life has just begun.

Esther 4:14

Have a happy weekend everyone!

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