pretty paelas

One of my new friends are about to move back to Germany. She is expecting her first little baby, due end of January.

I feel so excited to have the opportunity to make something for the new little girl that will join their family next year (as if we need an excuse to make special little things- hehehehe).

I discovered Paelas on my Instagram feed and here are my favorite designs.

paelas collage

I love the sweet simple designs and from looking through all their patterns one can see they use beautiful high quality yarns, lovely modern colours that are not too boy/girl orientated and designs that are classical.

Paelas was established in spring 2014 by three women sharing the same dream for creating beautiful knitted baby and children clothing.

The patterns are for newborns and children both female and male, aged 0-6 years old.

You can find more about them here:



Now I just need to decide which one of the cuties I will make!

Have a lovely week…

love from Elsbeth

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