drooling over delft (and majolica)

drooling over delft and majolica

It was a couple of weeks ago, while working on 4 aprons for Ideas Magazine’s November issue, that I started (seriously) drooling over Delftware and Majolica.

I must have pinned a hundred images in blue and white with intricate, two dimensional patterns for at least a week!

Here are some close-ups of the Delft-inspired apron I made as a result:

delft inspired apron

I used a beautiful light weight white 100% Belgian linen and transfer paper, printed on a normal ink jet printer at home, little fabric flags and tiny little flowers cut from the blue-est parts of the fabric, and (of course) some embroidery stitches to add some detail.

The plate and bird with blossom images are from a beautiful collection of blue-and-white plates, inherited from my late mother-in-law.

In crocheted motifs, the closest replica of Delftware I could find, was the following motif WITH A DIAGRAM to use if you’d like to re-create it HERE


If you’re exploring embroidery, like I am at the moment, you might like this (link here):


Here’s some very intricate knitting that reminded me of Delftware (found here):

blue white knitting ravelry

Or if you’d be interested in more crochet …

blue and white crochet

Click HERE for the lacy edge top left.

Click HERE for the instructions and pattern for the handbag top right.

Click HERE for the beautiful blanket bottom right.

Click HERE for similar bags to the one in the bottom left.

Hope you feel inspired, even if you just add a blue-and-white handmade item to your ‘to do’ list.

Have a lovely week!


PS See links for the images in my first collage here, here, here, the history of Delftware here and the history of Majolica here.

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