join us for magical wednesday night making

the gentle art of making collage

 After 3 wonderful weeks of crochet, knitting, paper crafting and embroidery,

and making many fabulous new friends with fellow crafters,

Elsbeth and I feel very blessed.

We’re even more excited to invite YOU to our get-togethers on Wednesday nights in September and November (18:15-20:30) in Hatfield, Pretoria.

Bring your WIPs (=works in progress), unfinished projects, hopes-of-starting-something-new, some wine if you like

and spend the evening with us while we support and guide you.

We are eager to help you with any crochet, knitting or embroidery projects.

You are welcome to join us for just one evening, two or more if you feel like it.

empty nest kits and making announcement stitched 2

 Find a little more information and the cost HERE

and then contact me to book your spot.

Beginners and accomplished makers are all welcome and our gathering will be small (max 8 lovely ladies) and fun!

I’ve taken the photos in my collage above over the last 3 weeks…

Hope you will join us.

In the mean time,

have a lovely weekend.


2 thoughts on “join us for magical wednesday night making

  1. I’m so jealous! We need a NICE yarn shoppe around where I live (SoCal, USA). One yarn shoppe does have sip and knit sessions – when i asked about crochet, gal was not encouraging though said ‘sure, you can hook if you want, but you can’t bring project from home…you have to buy the yarn here that night.’
    Well, I don’t want to! she doesn’t have that great a selection. And entire time I was in shoppe, she was talking about very personal business…as if there was no one there! One of her knitting customers came in and she just gushed with attention – then said something disparaging on the phone about that customer! I want nothing to do with a shoppe owner who will do that!

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  2. Hi LitlBits! It sounds to me that you have to start your own lil’ get together. You just need one or 2 old/new friends… Lots of love sent your way! C x


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