A Granny is a Treasure

granny wally

In our previous blog post we celebrated “Granny Square Day”. This got me thinking about my two very special grandmothers and how both of them played a significant role in influencing my love for all things “Yarn”

My Granny Wally on my mother’s side of the family loved to crochet and knit. She was born in Port Elizabeth 24 October 1918 (she passed away at the age of 94). She started work as a nurse in the isolation hospital in Bloemfontein nursing polio patients for many years during the polio epidemic.   That is where she learned to sleep standing up! And never falling over (this is a fact). After her nursing job she started working in my great grandmothers very smart dress shop where my mom tells me she learnt the gentle art of invisible darning. Granny Wally just loved art and years later worked in an art gallery.


I was five years old when my granny made me a beautiful pink coat with all the little girl trimmings on it.

I have two very precious crochet items that Granny Wally made – the gorgeous yet fragile granny square blanket below and I have recently been given a fabulous crochet bedspread by my mother which granny Wally also crochet (so fine and so gentle). These are two of my most treasured items.

anisa granny square blanket


My grandmother Margaret (or Peggy as she was fondly called) on my dad’s side of the family was extremely English in tradition. Her grandchildren all called her Nanna. She believed that children must be seen and not heard. So steeped was she in tradition that growing up my dad ate Fish every Friday night. I remember going to visit her each Saturday morning and we would bake loads of delicious English cakes – this became a firm favourite pastime of mine while growing up.

PicMonkey Collage

Nanna used to spend hours reading and knitting, she also believed that there were spirits that would show themselves to one at times. She always claimed that an old man used to visit her on occasions in her old home in King Williamstown; he used to stand at the fireplace smoking a pipe.

I think this is where my love of metaphysics and reading came from. Nanna was a very understanding person and you could have long insightful conversations with her on any topic.

I miss them both but I’m grateful for the many blessings they shared with me through my life. One of them being the love for yarn.

aroma grannies

Always treasure your family they are the true gems of your life!

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3 thoughts on “A Granny is a Treasure

  1. So nostalgic and reminiscent. Reminds me of my two wonderful grandmothers. Role models to look up to. Wish they could see what we are doing with wool, needles and a hook nowadays!


  2. Anisa you write so beautifully eloquent I think is the right word. Thank you for the kin word and love you showed both your grandmothers. I hope to make such memories for my grandchildren. You make us very proud. (then you always have)


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