celebrate your granny

anisa granny square blanket

Tomorrow most Instagrammers who crochet will celebrate Granny Square Day.

It’s a holiday that Susan ( suregal27 ) created specially for the month of August, because according to her there were no really good holidays during this month (at least in America, where she’s from).


So, on Granny Square day tomorrow, 15 August 2015, Anisa, Elsbeth and myself will use the hashtag #grannysquareday2015 while we post our favourite granny square of the day.

Here we are conspiring… (at the new Aroma coffee shop and restaurant in Lynnwood Road, Hazeldean, this morning)

more of us

Each one of us, starting from tomorrow will crochet between 4-9 granny squares EVERY DAY, replicating Anisa’s heirloom blanket, crocheted by her Grandma Wally.

aroma grannies some grannies 1 some grannies 2

Some individual grannies from the blanket:

some grannies

I will especially remember and celebrate my Granny, Ouma Hanna, with whom I spent many weekends and school holidays knitting and crocheting.

ouma hanna

Have a love-filled weekend,


5 thoughts on “celebrate your granny

  1. EEK! You are all very brave having coffee sitting on that beautiful, vintage granny blanket! I’d be worried sick the entire time!
    Great idea…if I didn’t have so many WIPs right now, I’d probably try to beat you all…but alas! onward to finish!
    Bad hooky day today…realized I didn’t have enough yarn to finish a WIP – and had to order more from ‘across the pond’ (live in US).
    Oh well! one of the others will be picked up and worked on…
    happy hooking!


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