First Born – Fabulous hand crafted clothing from Australia

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I learned to knit long before I could crochet. I was knitting by the age of 5 and had my own knitting business in high school.  Today I can truly say I love anything that has been knitted or crochet with great love and care.  I often scour the various social media platforms looking for great yarn artists.  And that’s how I came across First Born.   In an instant I emailed Karolina from First Born Clothing.   When you take a look at their products you will notice that all First Born pieces are hand-crafted, with a focus on luxurious comfort and directional style without compromise.

First Born was founded in 2006 … read all about this fabulous brand and their magical products.


Focussing on fair trade, Karolina and the label, support the talented local weavers, artists and people in the pre-Andean and Andean mountains of Peru and Argentina.

Since all materials are sourced locally and all pieces are hand-made, the production is low in energy and high in human touch. Most pieces have a story behind them – an energy, experience and preciousness which comes from the history of creating something by hand and over a long period of time.

First Born creations are coveted by glamorous fashion-forward women around the world. Karolina’s designs feature prominently in top magazines and television programs, celebrity wardrobes and exclusive boutiques throughout Australia and New Zealand.

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What inspires you?

My inspiration comes from the fibres themselves. I love textures so touching an amazing wool or cotton and seeing its colour automatically gives me ideas about what kind of knit I would love to create.

There is also a soft bohemian inspiration in my knitwear, a modern day gypsy that inspires shapes and a relaxed and subtle dreamy feeling.

When did you start crafting / knitting / crochet / sewing and who taught you?

I started at the age of 10, when I was sick from school my aunty would teach me to crochet and knit to pass the time. In my family most women knitted and I was surrounded by it all my life always loving the art and the talent behind it. I had a special sweater knitted every year and I loved it.

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Tell me about your product / service / concept

First Born is about hand making luxurious knitwear that is sustainable and has an ethical conscience. Its about creating beautiful modern knits that hold a touch of the ancient. We are proud to support fair wages and working conditions and give back to the communities we work in.

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How did it all begin?

After doing volunteer work in Peru and seeing the misery and need for work and education I discovered that the art of knitting was still a great part of their lives and there were many talented Artisans. Therefore when I arrived in Argentina and saw the same thing happening it gave me to idea to start First Born. Doing something positive in fashion and not only making beautiful products but also giving back. It was an ideal mix.

What do you think will be the next big thing in the world of craft (especially your area of expertise)?

I think that super chunky knits are the big thing at the moment in clothing and especially home wares. But I think that Macrame – the art of knotting rather than knitting is becoming very popular amongst all ages and has amazing results in clothing and wall hangings.

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 Who on the international craft scene do you admire most and why?

There are sooooo many! But right now I absolutely love the work of Nanna van Blaaderen.

 Where can our readers find you?

FIRSTBORNKNITS on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.

My website also has my blog in it.

Boho Godess

 What is your favourite blog and magazine and why

I have so many that I like for different reasons but at the moment its and both sharing ideas about life art and fashion.

If you had more time on your hands what would you do?

Make more Knits, go to a beach house with my dogs and design and paint.

Have you bought something online and if so what?

I have not recently but the last thing I bought were Sunglasses.


 What magazines do you buy?

Vogue – the European versions and I usually look at magazines online.

 Would you buy a pattern, or the whole kit online?

No I wouldn’t as I I’m lucky enough to create anything I would like with the talented knitters I have. 

What is your favourite yarn store / craft store and why?

I like as it has great quality yarns, kits and ideas.

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 I’m really so inspired to design something beautiful for Spring!  Mind you I’m just as enthusiastic to order one of these magnificent creations from First Born.  What do you think?

Have a lovely week!

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