Instagram! a collaboration of like-minded souls

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I love Instagram! In fact I love all social media.  Being in the world of advertising I suppose it’s part of what I do on a daily basis.  In all honesty Instagram has opened up a whole new world of creative inspiration for me.  I’ve met so many new online friends with the same interest as me.  Often I just do a random search and come across somebody that I have an affinity with just because we share a similar style, a love for colour or a zest for life.

This week I had the honour of fixating on Robyn Hicks from Australia (find Robyn on Instagram).  What caught my attention was the fabulous #gypsyflowershawl she designed.  The reason I was so intrigued by it, is the fact that I had just completed the Pretty Shawl that was published in the May 2015 edition of Ideas Magazine.

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Robyn was taught to crochet by her Grandmother and Mother.  She says she remembered theses skills even after not crocheting for a period of 10 years.  Robyn rekindled her love for crochet some 5 years.  This is how she explained how she was energised to crochet again…

“I was so inspired by all the glorious crochet works I was seeing on the internet because when I was learning I only had access to “old style” crochet books and I mainly made doileys and filet crochet work.  I just adore crochet. I try to crochet everyday, even though I am working full time and have a family, I NEED to crochet. It is definitely a part of who I am now.”


So I got chatting to Robyn on email and she shared with me how she was inspired to create her #gypsyflowershawl.

.PicMonkey Collage

“Well, I remember being on Instagram at the time and seeing so many beautiful pictures of shawls and people using the Japanese flower motifs for shawls and blankets (basically three rounds of different colours and attached using the join as you go method).  I really like to go my own way with my crochet so I came up with a really simple, three round pattern which worked up fairly quickly.  Firstly, I thought I would make a simple scarf but was enjoying the process so much I then thought I would make a blanket.  But then I changed again and decided on a shawl after seeing quite a few on Instagram (by the way, I love Instagram it is a huge source of inspiration for me and has connected me to people all over the world!!).  As I said at the time, crochet is so adaptable and can be changed and rearranged quite easily.  I absolutely love this shawl and it hangs in my living room so I get to see it everyday.”

After both Cornel and Elsbeth made their very own mittens I was inspired to make my own.

 PicMonkey Collage1

Once again I saw the most awesome mittens that Robyn did and right there and then I grabbed my Katya yarn and started making them.  I’m sharing the actual pictures of Robyn’s mittens that I found on Instagram.  The instructions are really comprehensive and as such I can’t include them in this post.  If you would like me to send these to you please post me a comment and include your email address.


Here Robyn tells us more about her mittens…

“A little story about the mittens – it is winter here in Australia and I don’t actually own a pair of mittens, plus I was looking for some simple and easy makes for a market stall I am attending this coming Saturday.  I did a search for various mittens on the internet and came up with a few that I quite liked but they just weren’t quick enough for me.  So I decided to try a join as you go method so that I didn’t have to spend extra time hand sewing two halves together.  I am quite happy with the result.  They fit my hand like, well, a glove. Ha, sorry I have a stupid sense of humour!!”



PicMonkey Collage3


Here is a pic of how I interpreted Robyn’s pattern.  I simply added a trim in a complimentary colour.  They are a gift for a colleague who travels from the South of Johannesburg every morning and is at work at 6am.  Crazy I know but she’s dedicated.  At least she now has something to keep her warm on her daily journey!


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