knitting in the timbavati

safari 1 cornel at hellohartdotcom

The Timbavati Game Reserve is a very special part of our country.

It’s located on the western edge of the Kruger National Park. The Reserve was established in 1956 by like-minded game farmers who had conservation of African wildlife as their main priority. There is no fence between the Timbavati and the Kruger National Park, allowing wild animals free range over more than 21 000 square kilometers.

beanie number 10 cornel at hellohartdotcom

While in the Timbavati these last 5 days, I couldn’t help knitting some more (did you read my last post?), because game drives can add up to 6 hours every day…

I finished 10 easy beanies using some fancy and some VERY plain and inexpensive yarns (see my Instagram feed for all 10).

The joy of making combined with the satisfaction of giving is definitely my kind of drug.

The luxury of relaxing in nature was mixed with sadness as another rhino was poached (horns removed and killed) on the night of Monday 6 July just outside Hoedspruit.

safari 2 cornel at hellohartdotcom

The statistics of rhinos being poached is simply horrifying.

One can only hope that something meaningful can be done to stop poaching of all endangered species, especially the rhino.

It would not be funny if, in 50 years time, these interesting, funny-looking but beautiful creatures were not with us anymore…


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