knitting cinmaugara

cinmaugara_cornel_hellohartdotcom 2

This is Cinmaugara.

Or should I say half of it, unblocked. I have no idea what the word means. All I know is how romantic and beautiful these fingerless gloves will be when they’re finished. It’s another small little present for my mother. To go with her Juliet cap and cowl, which (by the way) she LOVES!

cinmaugara_cornel_hellohartdotcom first collage

Knitting lace in fingering baby silkpaca does not come naturally to me. I need glasses just to see the stitches.

cinmaugara_cornel_hellohartdotcom collage

But it’s SO WORTH IT. The unblocked finished glove is so extremely soft and light and warm as soon as you pull it on. I hope to finish the second one on Sunday and to block them by Monday.

Keep warm this weekend!


PS Melanie Berg designs the most beautiful items, especially shawls. Just look at her Instagram feed

PPS Cinmaugara might have been a character in the online multi-player game “World of Warcraft”… not sure

One thought on “knitting cinmaugara

  1. Talking about knitting skills, dear Cornel… These are so beautiful!!!!!!! (and I absolutely agree: lace and alpaca are two things that don’t go together easily…)
    By the way: How is Agnes doing?
    Hugs from the summer side of our planet 🙂


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