hello delores

May I introduce you to Delores….my new autumn scarf.

Well, it’s not really a SCARF but more of a wanna-be scarf or even a bow necktie!

I do love bows and shared some of my favorites in this post.

Delores by Elsbeth

I spent my evenings knitting her, and yesterday I crocheted a little lacy border for her.

Best part of this scarf is that it is really very simple.

If you haven’t knitted for a while, this will be the prefect project to get into knitting again.

I used Malabrigo lace yarn and I must confess that it is much easier knitting with thicker yarn, but the super softness was a treat to work with!

pattern for Delores by Elsbeth

Delores by Elsbeth

Delores by Elsbeth

The basic shape is a rectangle with two pointy ends.

You can just brush up on increasing and decreasing via youtube if you are a bit rusty.

The fun part is combining some knitting and crochet!

We all have so many cute crochet border patterns in our files and folders, so go through them and find one that you always wanted to try out! Mine was inspired by Lise Franck on Instagram (HERE).

You’ll also find many here.

Delores by Elsbeth

I am definitely going to use my Fancy Pansy Brooch with this scarf.

The crochet edge really makes this scarfy (because it is not a SCARF) so sweet and yummy for me.

I am looking forward to the cooler days so I can take Delores out for the day.Delores and Elsbeth

Hope you have a fantasic week!

love from Elsbeth

PS: what do you think of the folder I made and painted for my pattern?

I’m going to make a folder for all my projects so I can document when I start and finish, a little sample of the yarn- even the lot number and the price, how many skeins was used,  a place where the pattern can go in and a place for notes.

I can just imagine looking back a few years from now and seeing all my projects in their own specially made folders!


3 thoughts on “hello delores

  1. Dis beautiful! Ek’s mal oor Delores. Waar gaan ek die tyd kry om my eie Delores te maak… Ek het die wol. Net nie die tyd nie. Urgh!


  2. Your sketch book is great. I have a knitting notebook where I keep yarn samples and at least one label. That way, i can remember what the yarn feels like (because I can still touch it) and the brand.


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