#rusticlacesquare blanket for christi

rustic lace square for Christi

My first #rusticlacesquare blanket is finished and ready to be sent to Nottingham.

(#rusticlacesquare=that’s the hashtag everyone who’s working on this pattern is using on Instagram)

rusticlacesquare for Christi original 88 squares

I started crocheting this amazingly beautiful design 30 weeks ago, and in 8 weeks time (end of November 2014) had 88 squares that I wanted to join as one HUGE blanket.

That never happened.

Instead, I selected 30 squares (mainly cool shades) and started joining them by hand late last week.

rusticlacesquare for Christi what it would look like

Pretty soon I had this beautiful blanket (some might rather call it a throw…) that needed an edge.

Like a sentence needs a full stop.rusticlacesquare for Christi scollop recipe

Scollops are my favourite edge. So simple and easy to make, without distracting from the beautiful detail inside the rustic lace squares.

rusticlacesquare for Christi leftover yarn for scollop edge

rusticlacesquare for Christi autumn roses

rusticlacesquare for Christi playing a little

I’ll be sending my blanket with SO MUCH LOVE to my daughter in the UK on Monday, hoping it will brighten her room (and warm her heart).

Have a lovely weekend!

cornel signature

PS Just for fun:

I replaced 3 squares in Christi’s blanket with flower collages. See how quickly you can spot them

rusticlacesquare for Christi with flower collages

Read my first post on THE BLANKET here (click on this sentence)

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