it started with an itch

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It all started with an itch, literally. At the tender age of 47 I contracted German measles and was confined to my house for a week. What to do? What to do? What a grand opportunity to test out some of those awesome yarns tucked away in a drawer and follow those patterns I’ve been meaning to for some time.

Two projects came to mind. The first project was motivated by one ball of sock yarn I bought at the Yarn Indaba last year. I loved the combination of colours and so I looked for a pattern that would best display the gorgeous shades. I found Barb’s Koigu Ruffle scarf.


I loved knitting this little gem and it literally took me 6 hours to finish. I can’t wait to wear it this winter. The yarn is warm cuddly and so soft and I just love the colour combination. The pattern is really easy. The toughest part were the 10 rows of 648 stitches per row. It felt like a never ending story. I timed myself: it took 20 minutes to knit one row of 648 stitches. The effort was well worth it. You can buy the pattern here!



My other project was truly an organic process. I discovered the pattern as I progressed. I’ve had this vision in my mind for over 2 years.  It is a combination of knitting and crochet. Two of my favourite past times. I was fortunate to be given some fabulous yarn by Hester from MoYa. The yarn’s texture is fabulous and the colours are truly amazing. I decided to pair the yarn with Vinnis Serena for the ever so soft shine.


ABM_1430324605 (1)

When you combine knitting and crochet you very quickly see that the tensions are so different. This changed the shape of my cardi. Hence the curved front section with the two pointed sides. It made an interesting end product though. What rescued the shape was the inclusion of tiny granny squares all along the bottom edge.




The Fair Isle knitted section definitely added intrigue, but once again impacted on my tension.


The top section of the cardi was an adaptation of a pattern called Jerseyretofinde” –

I believe it’s Spanish, but the photo tutorials are great. This is really a versatile pattern and I will surely make use of it again.


I made this cardigan for a very special colleague/friend and she looks lovely in it. It’s great when one is able to bring some yarn joy into somebody else’s life.


PS: Thought I’d tell you that I’ve teamed up with MoYa Yarn and Brenda Grobler for a very exciting make.The original photo that inspired my cardi (above) is key to this collaboration. The pattern is currently being designed by Brenda and made from an assortment of lovely MoYa yarns and will be featured in an upcoming Ideas Magazine. We’ll keep you posted on which issue it will be featured in.

Yarn blessings!

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 Ronel is the lucky recipient of the book Crochet Know How 2 or Alles Oor Hekel 2.  Congratulations Ronel you will be hearing from us soon! 

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