hello fancy pansy

This weekend was spent sorting out my yarn stash. My daughter wanted to knit a scarf for the cooler Johannesburg mornings, and while looking for something suitable, I found the beautiful Pierrot Linen Yarn that I got as a gift at our crochet Weekend last october.

I decided to make a small Pansy Flower brooch for myself.


I love to crochet brooches- I usually make them when I want instant gratification. Its easy to start and quick to finish and feels amazing to add something new to your outfit.

The natural linen yarn has a very interesting texture- it is stiff and takes a bit to get used to, but once you start the texture becomes amazingly soft.

The way my little leaves and flower kept their form and how the hit of shimmer from the yarn played with the light just won me over.



fancy pancy brooch by elsbeth

If you can remember from my previous post, my dog played with my precious Malabrigo Silkpaca yarn and I promise you, I tried to unravel it but it was just impossible to wind back to a ball.

So now I have messy leftovers and most of my projects that need a little bit of yellow amazingness will get the silkpaca treatment. I added some french knots in the centre of my crochet flower with my silkpaca.

fancy pancy brooch by elsbeth

fancy pancy brooch by elsbeth

I highly recommend this yarn for making necklaces and little accessories or any project where you want texture and a natural feel.


Lucy also loves the brooch and couldn’t wait to try it on!

fancy pancy brooch by elsbeth

Have a great week!

love from Elsbeth

PS: My daughter ended up knitting a scarf with some Vinnis Bambi.

She is going for a colour block effect. How sweet!


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