my mittens

Winter is coming…..

and its getting cooler here in Pretoria.

I love the cooler weather because it means I can wear coats, pretty knitted and crochet scarves and some of my cute stockings to keep warm! So to celebrate the start of cooler days I  decided to make some mittens.

I have never knitted anything like a mitten and I loved this project!

mittens by Elsbeth

Apart from starting over like 5 times, I eventually got the feel for the pattern and enjoyed it so much.

I used the beautiful Rowan Wool that I shopped with Cornel.

mittens by Elsbeth

I used this free Ravelry pattern by Tincanknits but didn’t follow the pattern word for word  stitch for stitch.

I simplified the pattern so that all the stitches are knitted with the easy plain knit stitch. I only purled a bit at the ribbing.

mittens by Elsbeth

I know that my stitches are not consistent and that I can improve my overall technique but I am super happy with the end result!

The Ravelry pattern is for adults and children and also gives instructions for how to knit a finger-less mitten.

Definitely going to make some of them for my loved ones.

mittens by Elsbeth

mittens by Elsbeth

I embroidered a flower and some twigs on the one mitten and will do the same on the other mitten.

I used some Italian cotton and silkpaca from Malabrigo for the embroidery details.

Hope your week is fantastic and that you are using your special knitting and crochet skills to make the world a warmer place!


ps: if you were wondering why all my yellow Malabrigo silkpaca is in such a mess it is because I had an assistant aka Lilly, my dog, who put my wool through a rough play session behind my back!!!

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