#eastersquare shoulder bag


I finished my #eastersquare shoulder bag last night and I love it. It’s perfect for visiting the Saturday market here in St Francis Bay, or to carry my next crochet project in.

Before I started this project, I knew exactly what I wanted it to look like. But as soon as the first 4 squares were joined, the doubt started. Should I use the beautiful dark grey from African Expressions Adore (a local yarn) or the lighter Katia Hechizo…


  Posting the question on Instagram and Facebook really helped and I decided to go light. It didn’t take long to finish the 24 squares I needed.

Joining the squares was the best part of this project for me. I fell in love with Katia Hechizo. Although it consists of 48% virgin wool and 20% alpaca, there’s a bit of glitz in there too. Don’t know if it’s the 16% Nylon or the 16% polyester…

  I hope you can see it in the photo (above). It’s so soft to the touch. I think it contrasts beautifully with the 100% natural Vinnis Nikkim, Serina and Bambi that I used in the first 4 rows of my #eastersquare.

 In the photo above you’ll see Bambi Natural, Nikkim Stone, Serina Silver, Nikkim Blue-Grey, Bambi Baby Pink, Nikkim Purple Pink, Nikkim Pale Sage ( go to http://www.vinniscolours.co.za for stockists) and an unknown/unlabeled soft pink 100% merino wool. All the yarns were bought at my favorite yarn shop, Nomvula’s Knitters (contact Frances on 0824783022) in St Francis drive.

I could do this all the time. Crochet, I mean.


The button is plastic, but covered with a small crocheted circle.


The lining is a recycled old T-shirt of my husband’s (he doesn’t know it yet) and 2 extra squares ‘line’ the flap (something nice to look at every time I open the bag).


A most enjoyable Easter holiday project. And for my next make, here’s a sneak peak:


Follow me on Instagram for updates. Till next week Friday, bye!

C x

4 thoughts on “#eastersquare shoulder bag

  1. Thank you Haafner! I used to work with much brighter yarns in the past, but are toning down my ‘life’ at the moment (house, clothes and crochet). It was most enjoyable working in these Easter egg colours! Although it touches on the too sweet side for me. I’ll just have to wear grey when I go out with my shoulder bag… C x


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