Oh my goodness


“Creative genius is achieved by piercing through the mundane and finding the marvellous. Creative disaster is achieved by piercing through the marvellous and finding the mundane.”

(with apologies to Bill Mayers)

Warning! This post might make your eyes pop, your head spin and your heart race. And possibly not in a good way. While I was writing this post, I had to often pick myself up off the floor because I was laughing so much!

As we all know that crochet has infinite possibilities. Those of us that love to crochet know that you can never reach the end of discovery with this wonderful craft.  For most of us, crochet and even knitting brings to mind grandmas making baby booties, blankets, and horrific holiday sweaters. Just surf the net and you will soon discover that crochet’s not just for scarves and sweaters anymore.

There are some pretty strange things being made from yarn. I thought I’d share with you some of the extremely nasty, funny and downright ludicrous things people are making.

High Fashion? You decide!


I often get sent photos of crochet pants for men on Facebook. I went and searched for their origin. Lo and behold, crochet pants for men are real. The designer Schuyler Ellers has been designing crocheted men’s apparel—shorts, pants, and even pantsuits—because, he says, he and his customers are tired of fashion that’s too “preppy or boy band.” They prefer something that’s “utilitarian and comfortable, but visually outlandish.” View some of Schuyler Ellers creations on Etsy. I won’t make my boyfriend wear this but I do admire the designers creativity and tenacity


   Pimp your bathroom (or not)

I remember in the 70’s my granny had a crocheted toilet roll holder with a Barbie in it. Today I often joke when a friend has a kitchen tea that I’m going to crochet a set for her bathroom. You can well imagine that the topic is immediately changed.



Pet hate

These designs are classic and I’m sure any pet would rather curl up in their baskets and not venture out unless they have shrugged these little creations off. Dressing your pet in one of these will cause them severe trauma. Of that I’m sure.


Ugly sweaters – the best of the worst

In America ugly sweaters have become a staple of the holiday season. There is even an e-book published annually with the worst designs of the year. Its published by Knit Picks and celebrates The Best of the Worst with six designs by Kim Cameron, winner of national awards for her ugly sweaters. From a reindeer with bulging eyes to Christmas trees buckling under the weight of ornaments, these designs will knock your stockings off. Each design is made from the same basic pattern – intarsia, duplicate stitch and a bit of creative crafting brings every ugly sweater to life.  Download the e-book and knit your favourite family member one of these “ugly” sweaters. Go on I dare you!


Cro-shame creations – the most tasteless of them all

Warning if you are squeamish and a little prudish I don’t suggest you read the rest of this blog. But oh boy if you do you will be wondering just what the creator was thinking while crocheting these tasteless creations.

These creations I’ll call the ’50 shades of crochet’. I’m actually cringing just looking at this photo. “This set was made for the adult collector and was not designed for play or rough handling” so you may want to think of a different gift for your niece’s tenth birthday.


You’ve got to agree that crochet can truly be entertaining and scary all at the same time. I sit back in wonder and think why would somebody spend the time and the money to create something that has a huge cringe factor to it. Lastly, to seal the deal on bad tast,e I suggest you go and take a peek at a blog dedicated to items one should never crochet, like whatnottocrochet.

If you dare please share your idea of ugly crochet or knitted creations with us on our Facebook page.

Happy crochet !

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