My lovely woolly ladies

Spending a little holiday time at home is one of the best holidays for me because I am surrounded by all my “stuff”.

So this Easter holiday while staying at  home in Pretoria, I designed and made some Woolly Ladies.

I always paint little ladies and it was so much fun to translate my art into three dimensional pieces.

I have bags and boxes full of fabric off-cuts and pieces of vintage ribbons and all sorts of little things I stashed away during the last 20 years, and finally I played with it – not to mention some of my beautiful yarn!

lovely wolly ladiesart doll by Elsbeth Eksteen

Here is Lucy.

I made the body with some off-cut fabric that I used to cover my couch with. I filled her with my left over bits of wool.

Her hair is from some black wool roving that I bought 7 years ago when I wanted to try felting, but never did.

Her arms and legs are made from off-cut cotton fabric.

…… And then the serious fun started!

I knitted her dress with the the beautiful Moya organic cotton yarn I received as a gift and some yummy  yellow Malabrigo silkpaca wool for a wispy lacy border. Lucy’s scarf is also made with some Malabrigo silky merino.

Her little granny square handbag is crochet with some amazing shimmering Italian Filati Torro Rubino cotton that I bought at I love yarn in Pretoria.

Lucy is so sweet she even made some friends.

art doll by Elsbeth Eksteen

Lucy and her closest friend, also in a knitted dress with the lovely Moya and some I love yarn wool.

art doll by Elsbeth Eksteen

…and some other Woolly Ladies.

I really enjoyed playing around with all my bits   and pieces and especially with the beautiful wool that I have. After making these I really feel happy that I’ve kept all these little off-cuts.

The very shinny lady (left) has a navy dress made from a sequenced fabric I bought to make a dress for my daughter for a Valentines ball when she was 16- I just loved all the memories when I worked with the fabric again.

Anisa wrote a beautiful article about nostalgia here, where some yarn lovers share some fond memories about their special knitted and crocheted items….even the amazing Stephen West took part in the article!

Have a great week


PS: I might sell these lovely woolly ladies so let me know if you might be interested!


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