quoi porter

is how the French say “what to wear”.

Here’s my selection for different occasions.

Of course these handbags had to be either crocheted or knitted, with no compromise on style and ‘looks’.

hellohartcom handbags au naturel

If you love texture, neutrals, wanted to “blend in” or just go anywhere, any one of these 3 bags are great!

hellohartcom handbags on holiday

Whether you’re on holiday in the Alps or at the seaside, these handbags are detailed, yet simple, with just enough texture to be interesting.

hellohartcom handbags on the street

For shopping on the high street you need something special. Nothing that a little brass plate with the initials “D&G” can’t fix. Combine that with very simple flower motifs in raffia or DK cotton and you have a winner.

hellohartcom handbags to lunch

Just the right size for the essentials. Who needs a lot of stuff if you’re in good company anyway?

hellohartcom handbags sport

These three bags are FUN and easy enough to crochet over a weekend and so delisciously colourful. I’m even thinking left-over squares …

I hope that my selection inspires you to start making (or shopping…)

Let me know which bag you love most and share a handbag that you’ve crocheted or knitted with us on Facebook.

Have a good weekend!

(or as the French say “Bon weekend”!)

cornel signature

Links: Au Naturel (left, middleright ), En Vacances (left, middle, right), Sur La Rue(left, middle, right), Dejeuner (left, middle, right), Chaussure De Sport(left, middle, right)

PS Please note that this post is just about inspiration. Some items are sold out, but I found a very interesting blogpost HERE with loads of crocheted handbags and diagrams (if you’re able to read them I believe this is the jackpot).

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