Granny Goodness.

I have too many granny squares lying in my stash bag. I went through a granny square crochet phase, like I can imagine many of us do. I made a few items and still I had some motives left over.

I get very sentimental over all these little motives I made but to keep them in my stash pile is silly. I need more space for some WOOL!

So this is what I did with some of the Grannies that I found in my WIP pile.

All you need is some old tins or containers.

some old tins

Take your granny squares and see how many do you need to sew or crochet together to cover the tin.

I needed to sew 6 granny squares together to cover my tin.

I made these granny Squares with Vinnis Bambi.

granny square goodnessI added a shell stitch crochet top border and a simple border of single crochet stitches for the bottom in a contrasting colour.

A few tufts of purple wool added a bit of fun to my soft pastel granny design.

granny square goodness

granny square goodness

granny square goodness

You can also use some of your crochet swatches to dress a container.

 I played with bobble stitches in natural yarn the other day.

I love the look of bobbles.

Simply sew the sides together, add a cute border design (here i did the shell stitch border in the same natural colour) and voila… a cute container for stuff.



PS: Inspired to also dress some containers in granny goodness or your crochet swatches?

Please share your creations on our facebook group, we always love to see what you are up to!

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