Inspiration Wednesday… MoYa Yarns


Six degrees of separation is the theory that everyone and everything is six or fewer steps away, by way of introduction, from any other person in the world, so that a chain of “a friend of a friend” statements can be made to connect any two people in a maximum of six steps.

And so it happened that I introduced Magda de Lange to the Ideas Magazine team and her awesome article appeared in the March 2015 issue of the Magazine. Through this article I was introduced to the fabulous MoYa yarn. It was not long after the article appeared that I received a wonderful gift one morning, 6 balls of the fabulous yarn with compliments of the MoYa team.


Above photos courtesy of Magda de Lange

Whilst chatting to Magda over the weekend, I got to hear about her long term special friendship with Hester, co-founder of MoYa Yarns. In our blog post “Succulent Wild Women” (SWW) we spoke about what constitutes a SWW. Well… this story is filled with succulence and truly succulent women. From a distance, Magda assisted Hester by inspiring the idea for the yarn. In the early days, Magda played an integral role in “trialing and testing” the yarn and even consulted on the colours being produced. Today Hester and Martine (mother and daughter) have a truly fabulous range of yarns available to the public and I cannot wait to get going on a new project using the fabulous MoYa yarns I was given.


Did you know? In Celtic, the meaning of the name Moya is: Exceptional. Apt don’t you think?

Let me share the inspiring interview we did with the MoYa team…


What inspires you?

Having lived both abroad in Dubai and various parts of Africa – where there is such a melting pot of nationalities – the everyday experiences, sights and sounds of life is what inspires us. From the vivid colours in Africa to the delicious exotic food in the Middle East – there is inspiration to be found everywhere.


Above photos courtesy of Magda de Lange


When did you start crafting and who taught you?

Hester: My sister taught me how to crochet. I crochet as if I am knitting. I knitted my first jersey in a chunky blue wool – I chose chunky as it was a quick knit. I loved and was very proud of my handiwork, but after the first wash it stretched to such an extent that 3… mmm…. Maybe 4 of me could fit in it.

Martine: I was thrown into the craft world when Hester started a handmade card manufacturing business when I was at university. Hester did the designing and I helped on the manufacturing side (on average the staff and myself made 20 000 cards per month), so my interest in crafting started from there, although I am very embarrassed to say that I have not taken up crocheting or knitting as yet.


Tell me about your product …

Sui Generis – it’s one of a kind / unique in its characteristics, this is the essence of MoYa.

We pride ourselves on the fact that no 2 of our hand dyed, 100% organic cotton yarn balls are the same. We work in small dye lots, using different dyeing techniques, to create the unusual final colouring of all our ranges. Our yarn is super soft with a high twist, making it a dream to work with, both for crocheting and knitting.

We are continuously playing with colours and have a large range of funky variegated colours as part of the range.

How did it all begin?

We were already in business together – we were in the final stages of designing and developing a baby clothing and accessory line called Gingernut. We are always on the lookout for new and exciting projects, when we came across this one. The inspirational Magda de Lange planted the yarn seed for us. Hester politely dismissed the idea – knowing that it’s a lot of hard work. Martine who not having crocheted or knitted or even touched yarn, convinced Hester to take a gamble and MoYa was born.

After lots of blood, sweat, tears and yarn flying through the air – we are very proud of what we have created – loving what we do every day. We have a passion for the yarn, the colours and LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing what people create with our beloved MoYa

PicMonkey Collage


What do you think will be the next big thing in the world of craft?

We are seeing the world of fashion introducing crochet and knitted items to the runways all the time. In turn inspiring the younger generation to pick up the crochet hook / knitting needles to create their own fashionable items to wear as well as a huge explosion in the hand crafted, home décor scene, especially with the use of natural fibres.


 Who on the international craft scene do you admire most and why?

Magda de Lange (

Sophie Digard – her use of colours and combinations thereof are exceptional.

Tracy Krumm crochets conventional craft items such as curtains and drapes, but using steel and wire


 Where can our readers find you?


The above gorgeous cardigan was made by Brenda Grobler using MoYa Yarn 


What is your favourite blog and magazine and why?

Hellohart, off course! Interesting blog posts, informative and captivating.

Ideas magazine – crafts for all, love the photography of arts and crafts.


What is your favourite craft?

Hester – Painting, drawing and crochet

Without a question the creating of our exquisite MoYa yarn


If you had more time on your hands what would you do?

Travel, Travel and more travel

Did we mention…. Travel


 What magazines do you buy?

Ideas, Sarie, Tuis, Conde Nast Traveller


Would you buy a pattern, or the whole kit online?

Hester: Pattern

Martine: As a novice I would go for a kit


 What is your favourite yarn store / craft store and why

Yarn in a Barn – it was the first store to stock MoYa and give us a head start as well as a confidence boost. Hilda is always open on giving advice and support.


Currently you can get the fabulous MoYa range…


Yarn In A Barn

Bricks & Mortar Stores:

50 Something in Vredenburg

Knitter Knatter in Brackenfell

Contact MoYa directly:


It’s a wonderful thought knowing that we are possibly all connected in some way or the other. In fact I love that idea. It’s magical to think that there is still so much opportunity out there to meet some truly extraordinary yarn enthusiasts. I for one am excited to have been introduced to the MoYa range of yarns. Looking forward to many happy projects.

If you have worked with MoYa yarn before please share your fabulous work with us on our Facebook page.

One lucky reader will receive 6 balls of MoYa yarn free.  All you need to do is post a comment on this blog in the comment space below and tell us why you believe you should be the lucky recipient.  The winner will be drawn randomly

Yarn blessings

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16 thoughts on “Inspiration Wednesday… MoYa Yarns

  1. These pictures are enticing me to get “back on the horse” and try my hand at a creative project again. So it would be a great opportunity to refresh some of my knitting / crocheting(?) skills. Hopefully I did not forget how to and I’ll be able to get going rather quickly again 😊.


  2. Would love to try it… Love being creative and love trying new things…. mmmmm… Love crocheting with natural yarn…


  3. Oe ek hoop ek kan dit wen. Elke keer as ek in knitter knatter inkom bevoel en bevat ek moya en oe en a oor al die mooi kleure en die tekstuur daarvan. maar het tot my spyt nog nie n bol gekoop nie:-( Hoop eks die gelukkige ene♡


  4. I tried Moya today for the first time and loved it. Can’t wait to get my hands on more colours to start a bigger project.


  5. An obsessive crocheter, I only use local and natural yarn, a lover of Vinnis, One of a Kind Yarns, I am itching to try something new…


  6. Ek is al so nuuskierig om te sien hoe lyk en voel en hekel Moya! Ek is mal daaroor om met nuwe produkte te eksperimenteer.


  7. I love Moya! Busy with my first clothing item, and it is stunning to work with. Light, easy and the most beautiful colour range.


  8. I am totally addicted to cotton yarn, and I believe Brenda that Moya can be used. I would love to try Moya for myself. Beautiful colours


  9. I bought a few balls of Moya while on holiday in Cape Town and decided to do a Sophie’s Universe with it. It is the most beautiful yarn I’ve worked with, soft, no splitting and the colours! A few balls to start another Sophie would be lovely. Thank you also to Knitter Knatter for their amazing service, no effort is too much.


  10. I bought a few balls of Moya while on holiday in Cape Town and it is the most beautiful yarn I’ve used, soft and no splitting! I’m using mine to do a Sophie’s Universe, it works up lovely. A few balls to start a next one would be very welcome. Thank you also to Knitter Knatter for their amazing service, no effort is too much.


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