hello, winter is coming…

This year is travelling at the speed of light and it is already March!

The mornings are getting chilly and I am getting ready for winter.

I bought some beautiful Malabrigo yarn from my favorite local yarn shop, I love yarn. I had no clue what I wanted to make with the wool (I rarely do), but after seeing Stephni, co-owner of I love yarn in this cute knitted top, I felt inspired to knit myself a little top.

The last major knitting experience I had was in high-school. I made myself a  sweater and when I finished it, it turned out to be a sweater for some weird giant person with extremely long arms.

I didn’t dare to make anything else, I was so disappointed.

Fast forward and here I am  in 2015 and I just completed this little top!

knitted top by Elsbeth

The Silky merino Malabrigo was such a treat to fondle and knit with and I highly recommend it. It is a blend of silk and merino and mmmmmmm….. very beautiful.

I felt very adventurous and just started to knit, and measured the top as I went along.

After knitting a rectangle shape with a hole in the middle for my head, I sewed the sides closed and added some crochet detail at the neckline and arm openings.

knitted top detail

sleeve detail

I am busy adding some embroidery details to the top and will share the complete finished top in a later post with you.

(the embroidery details are also there to hide some of the holes and weird stitches I knitted!)

embroidery detail

I enjoyed the challenge of knitting so much and I want to make another top for the cool autumn days with mid length sleeves. I have a few balls of beautiful Rowan Cocoon in my stash for a pretty sweater top!

Here are some sweaters and cardigans that I would love to have this winter.

I can imagine starting to knit these…..


….and then moving on to knitting like this…






..yes, in my dreams I can.

All these sweaters are from my Pinterest board- just click on the photo for the link.

Hope you are going to have a great week!


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