store your stash

Do you need inspiration on how to organize your ever-growing yarn collection? ‘Cause let’s face it, if you love yarn, colour, texture and retail therapy as much as I do, you’ll have your hands (and house) full most of the time. Here’s some inspiration from the experts.

IMG_1936 Debee Ruiz’s spot looks so cozy. She didn’t need a lot of space either. She blogs at if you’d like to see more inspiration from her.

IMG_1937 Ingrid van Willenswaard from displays her stash as part of the decor in her lounge. What a brilliant idea.

IMG_1938 No need to wonder which colours Danielle Thompson loves crafting with. See what she gets up to on her blog at

IMG_1942A simple wire basket works for Nienke Landman. I would need more than one for my stash though. She has more than one project on the go, so more baskets for her at


IMG_1943 Louise Walker of has her personal stash and her ‘work’ stash in separate cupboards.

IMG_1945 Inge Cremer almost has as much yarn as I do. She is a lot more organized. Her creative adventures are blogged about at

One of my favourite bloggers is Ingrid Jansen of She is my constant inspiration for crochet, colour, simple and utterly stylish living and travel. No wonder that her storage solution is my favourite.

IMG_1941 So from one #yarnacquisionexpert to another, have a great weekend! Lots of love cornel signature

5 thoughts on “store your stash

  1. Hi Veronica
    I’m considering an open cupboard with fabric drops that will cover the opening when I’m not there. I’m busy working on mine and will show it once it’s done. The bird is another story…


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