Succulent Wild Woman




A special friend once bought me a spectacular life changing book by the author Sark. The book was called “Succulent Wild Woman – dancing with your wonderful self”. This book has defined my life since 2006 – it taught me that each one of us has an inner goddess that we each express in very different ways. This book spurred the name of my business Succulent Décor and Succulent Café. The word “succulent” features prominently in my life and I live it’s essence daily.

What is a Succulent Wild Woman:

She’s a woman of any age who feels free to fully express herself in every dimension of her life.

I purposefully surround myself with truly succulent and passionate women that enrich my life and nourish my creativity daily. My mother taught me the worth of being a succulent woman. She taught me how to speak respectfully, learn and thoroughly embrace my own female side. She taught me how to support freedom and release judgements. Most importantly she taught me how to spend real intimate time with other succulent women.

There are so many fabulous succulent women in my life. Trudi Fielding (my mom), Denise Nunez (my sister), Sam Buirski (my youngest sister), Cornel Strydom, Elsbeth Eksteen, Angela Doig, Lunice Johnston, Astrid Riekert, Moira Burger, Christa Swart, Regina Calitz, Angela Bruwer, Hele Schmidt, Gill Bowmaker, Magda de Lange to name but a few.

I believe naming some of these wonderful women will create channels for others to discover them. I’d like to share with you a few other of my succulent friends that share my passion for yarn, crochet and knitting (unfortunately I can only showcase a few in this post).

Daphne Freeman exudes succulence. I got to meet her in 2006 and we immediately connected. She was fortunate that her gran taught her how to knit, sew, crochet, embroider and upholster at a very young age. Daphne has a passion for colour and texture and she has a knack of mixing and matching the most awesome combinations. In her own words, Daphne tells us how crocheting has been instrumental in building some great friendships… “Crocheting has given me the opportunity to meet some truly inspirational ladies from all walks of life and over many cultures. Not even language has been a barrier when I have travelled around the world.  Take out a ball of yarn and start crocheting and someone will come up to you and start talking. I have also been invited to many groups to enjoy the interaction between the ladies and this is a very humbling experience as the creativity and talent is so up-lifting for my soul. There are several friendships which have been formed that will last a lifetime. Other connections may only have been for a short period, but nevertheless, have left a tremendous imprint in my heart. But my closest friends share in my love for all things creative, and that is truly beautiful.”



Santie Winterboer is a truly unique and talented woman. I met Santie when I attended her knitting classes a few years back. She is a master knitter and has recently started crocheting. I must say though, just looking at her beautiful crochet work I can’t imagine she’s new to the world of crochet. Santie started knitting feverishly when her husband took a job in England a number of years ago. She attended many specialised knitting courses in her 2 years abroad, and brought her new found skills back to South Africa where her love of people led to her offering unique and special knitting classes.  Her inner goddess is expressed beautifully in her magnificent creations.



I met Anneke van Heerden in 1986 in an accounting class during my first year of university. Our friendship has stood the test of time with some hardships that have tested our resolve. Our paths touch on so many levels and our love for knitting and crochet binds us forever. I learnt to crochet some eight years ago (my mom taught me) and a week later I gave Anneke a crash course in crochet (rich considering I was only crocheting for a week). Today Anneke’s work reflects her story. But let met share Anneke’s words with you on her early days of crochet… About 10 years ago you taught me (a week after your first lesson…) on a weekend away on a farm and everybody else thought we were crazy. Your mother’s instructions to you the previous weekend was: “buy Chicky from Checkers in 3 colours and a 4mm crochet hook” that’s what we did and granny squares was all we did for a good number of years afterwards in CHICKY!! All of those blankets have been given to charities as I have become a wool snob and only work in natural fibres now from Vinnis, One of a kind, I love yarn, Rowan ect. We are privileged to have such wonderful suppliers in Pretoria.” Anneke believes crochet is like meditating, it lulls her into a state of meditation with its familiar rhythm.




Close to my heart is my niece Celeste Pretorius who only started her crochet journey some 6 months ago when her youngest sister told her she was expecting her first baby. I’m amazed at how she has exploded with passion for the craft.   I’ve known Celeste for 26 years and I have witnessed a profound change in her attitude – she truly has discovered her inner goddess


Sark says it best. She says…

“I believe we must live untamed, juicy and abundantly as women – being succulent gives you permission, and calls you out to play”.

 We owe it to ourselves to invest in being succulent. Share your story of succulence with us. Showcase you succulent projects on our Facebook page.

Many Succulent blessings

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