mixed bag

stella jean 1

The Italian fashion designers seem to have a love and ability to combine handmade elements with haute couture.

stella jean 2

Stella Jean created the above 4 outfits for her Fall/Winter 2015 runway collection, combining fair isle knitting, wool tassels and pom-poms.

salvatorre 1

Salvatore Ferragamo combines crocheted motifs and knitting effortlessly (above left).

salvatorre 2

Looking at this new collection, I’m sure you can also predict what we’ll be wearing next year, come winter.

Different variations of ponchos and shawls…

Talking about shawls, look at my friend Alexandra’s board on Pinterest for some amazing inspiration.

dolce 2

Dolce and Gabbana never dissappoints if you’re looking for handcrafted embellishments added to outfits.

Just look at the crocheted collar (above left) and all the appliqué and embroidery on their new collection.

dolce 1

I can just imagine how amazing and luxurious any one of these outfits would feel while wearing them (sigh).


These 2 bags could easily have featured on the runway this week.

If you look closer, you’ll see that the one on the left is felted, with crocheted motif detail.

The one on the right is entirely crocheted with puff stitch detail and leather straps (this puts it on another level).

(sudrishta, onstail)

Closer to home …


Elsbeth and I crocheted with said friend, visiting from Germany. We got together yesterday at I Love Yarn (one of our favourite yarn shops in Pretoria) and found the loveliest yarns for our next projects.

alexandra visits iloveyarn

alexandra visits elsbeth

alexandra visits cornel

If you’re wondering … this is Agnes.

alexandra visits 1

Alexandra is busy knitting me a present (!!!!!!)

and on fitting my new sock, I just realised what an accomplished knitter she is.

We definitely have to host a “sock knitting workshop” on her next visit in 2016.

alexandra visits 2

The little collage above is just to show you what we’re all busy with:

I’m finishing the border on a very simple blanket (top left).

Besides knitting socks, Alexandra is working on a crocheted blanket in different neutral shades (top right and bottom left) and has asked me to contribute 2 blocks.

Elsbeth (bottom right) is knitting (without using a pattern!!) a cropped top in a colour that matches her completion perfectly.

i love yarn italian cotton

(some of the Italian yarn at I Love Yarn)

I hope you get a chance this weekend to do something crafty.

Or at least visit Hobby-X.

It’s on until Sunday.

cornel signature

6 thoughts on “mixed bag

  1. Dear Cornel, your pictures give a great impression of the wonderful morning we had! Thank you so much for bringing me to this wonderful place of yarn-spiration. Can’t wait to see the making of Agnes…
    🙂 Alexandra


    1. Dear Alexandra,
      We are SO fortunate every time you visit. Crochet connects people. I’m so glad it connected us. I can’t eait for my beautiful yellow hand knitted socks. Lots of love to you!

      Liked by 1 person

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