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Blogger and author Kathryn Vercillo is an expert in the area of using crafting to heal, having researched the topic extensively for her book Crochet Saved My Life

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Kathryn lists the following 10 benefits of crafting:

Knitting and crochet relieves depression

Crafting reduces anxiety

Crafting projects builds self-esteem

Crafting may reduce or postpone dementia

Knit or crochet through insomnia

Relaxation reduces irritability and restlessness

Crafting as prayer

Yarn crafting builds community

Crafting helps with grief processing

Yarn crafting busts stress

Looking back over the past 5 years of my life I can truly say that crochet and knitting happily saved me. I am ever grateful for the wonderland that my love for crochet and knitting has opened up for me. I lose myself in the colour, the opportunity and the sheer euphoria that I know the next project will bring.

I’m not the type of crafter that simply gets on with one project only. In fact, I get bored easily. Not to mention the wonderful world of Pintrest that conjures up so many possibilities that in fact it becomes quite overwhelming. Its like I’m in a permanent state of dreaming about “that next project” .

If there was a 12-step programme for obsessive compulsive yarn lovers, then I would be a permanent member of the group without a doubt!

This past weekend I took stock and decided to make sure that I finish the 5 projects I’m currently working on. It’s a challenge that I will report on again on our blog. These are my projects that I need to finish before I start another 4…

The blanket I’m making for my Kingsize bed is inspired by the the blog Clothogancho


 And this is how I’ve interpreted this masterpiece using a variety of vibrant colours from the Vinnies Range


 Then I’m almost done with my gorgeous Tunic Dress made from a stunning imported Japanese yarn I bought at I love Yarn.

All I need to do is sew on the left sleeve.  I can’t wait to wear this gorgeous outfit.  The pattern is available here


My third project is an interesting one as it’s the first time I’ve ever used mop yarn.  I chose a multi coloured version of the yarn and only have 1 round to complete before I can proudly display it in my bathroom.  This project was inspired by Anneke Wiese who as you know is the master of the crochet mat.


If ever there was a project that was daunting from the moment I started, then its my attempt at the gorgeous knitted African Adventure, designed by Horst Schultz.  The free pattern is available here. All I need to do is rearrange my panels and make sure I work them together in the correct order.  I loved this project.  I got to use every little piece of scrap yarn I had at my disposal.  But I’ve vowed this project will not get the better of me.


The last project I’d like to share with you is rather special.  It’s special for 2 reasons, the first is that I have a gorgeous cat called Sassy and she is always invading my crochet space.  She loves nibbling on the yarn, rolling on the project I’m working on or simply trying to eat the crochet hook.  The second reason is because I received a very special gift from a special friend: a “knit your own cat” kit from Typo.  I’m done with the body,  I only need to assemble this darling little cat.  Wonder what I’m going to call her…


sassycollage copy

Do you have any incomplete yarn projects lurking in the cupboard? Those projects that just need a little more attention and they will be done and dusted? Share them with us on our facebook page. Go on I dare you! After all, yarn craft has proven to be truly therapeutic.

Yarn blessings to all of you!

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PS The winner of the fabulous Knit Pro Waves set of crochet hooks from Arthur Bales is Esté from Funky Yarnies.

Congrats Esté and thank you for following our blog!

9 thoughts on “unfinished business

  1. O wow!! Can’t believe I won the Knitpro hooks! I am totally estatic ♡♡♡ With regrads to the benefits of crafting – couldn’t agree more!
    I also get bored with a project so easily and have quite a few of half done projects lying around…maybe I should follow your example and finish them!!


  2. Lekker, Este!!
    Ooooh, Anisa…”my name is Chrsitelle and I’m sitting to your left in the 12-step programme…”
    I won’t even start listing the WIPS…working on various PHDs here 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow, Anisa. Beautiful colours and work, as always. I actually just tried to sort my WIP’s. After unpacking half of them I just stuffed them all right back in their box. Another day, maybe…

    Liked by 2 people

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