Father Coffee – Worth the visit


Driving through Johannesburg central, your first thought would be that this is a chaotic traffic nightmare, a noisy place and it may even be somewhat scary given its reputation. But just on the left of the Nelson Mandela Bridge, you enter into a space that transports you into a world of adventure¸ colour, gorgeous art and immense energy. Braamfontein or Braamies as its often fondly referred to, has become the energy centre of Johannesburg.



Braamfontein’s transformation from a rundown business district to a revamped Soho style neighbourhood with chic hotels, art galleries, trendy bars clubs and restaurants, is truly inspiring. What’s fabulous is that a number of Braamfontein’s buildings have been, or are being turned into student accommodation or Manhattan-style loft apartments.

You will agree, life is about finding those little gems that add so much value to one’s day. The Hellohart team on a regular basis want to share some of those everyday little life gems with you. And one such gem is a wonderful roastery and espresso bar called Father Coffee situated in the heart of Braamfontein. In fact its situated directly below Neighbourgoods Market in the culture rich Juta block.


Father Coffee is a seriously cool and well-designed store and the good news is that the store’s owners serve up great coffee along with good looks. If you’re looking for something a little different, you may want to try out Father’s signature Skhotado.

Stop to order waffles and ice-cream along with the regular offerings. Sunday Times even voted Father’s coffee as the best in town.


The aim of the Father team was to create something modern and bold with a Scandinavian feel. The design is unapologetic, it has a father-like feel without being pretentious and un-welcoming.  And this applies to both the logo and the interior design – its bold and its modern.

As one of the owners Nick has stated before …”Think Father’s wood-cabin in the Scandinavian wilderness… but with taxis hooting outside and the unparalleled vibe of Braamfontein to keep things interesting”. The entire shop is wood-clad in a massive herringbone pattern and all other elements were created with a minimal colour palette and style reference in mind.

Coffee is something you drink everyday, so without overthinking it, the Father team believe it should just be really good.

“The fact is it doesn’t cost very much more to make a great cup of coffee than it does to make a bad one; it just takes a little care and effort. With any luck that’s what we’ll add to the coffee culture in Johannesburg – coffee that tastes good, is made well, and is easily available.”


As a coffee lover myself, I have made the mistake of thinking and in fact getting used to drinking bitter coffees that masquerade as rich and strong, but in fact this is not how flavour or strength in coffee works.  The Father philosophy revolves around the thinking that a lot of ”bitterness in a cup is really just a way to create sadness in someone’s day after the initial assault has worn off. We care about balance. The blend aims to offer a sweet, almost fruity flavour that develops in the mouth with good brightness to carry this through, solid body and a smooth, rounded finish that never leaves a bitterness to linger in the mouth and wreck your day. But come try it, it’ll make more sense when it’s in your mouth

Cornel, Elsbeth and I had a great time! Father Coffee is well worth the visit.  See you there soon for a short or tall cuppa.

You can find Father Coffee at the following Location: 73 Juta St. Braamfontein

Contact numbers:

+27 82 513 4258 (Barry)
+27 82 411 1431 (Nick)

father_coffee on instagram HERE

father collage

The three of us having a well deserved delicious cuppa and we even got some crochet going on the spot…

(photos were taken in a new app called TinType)


Father’s ceramic teaspoons are also conducive to some knitting (if you can’t keep your hands stil)



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