happy valentine’s day

cornel's valentine's brooch

Few things match the joy of giving a gift that you made with your own two hands. Why not take half an hour and make this Valentine’s brooch for a dear friend of yours, your daughter (or even for yourself) to wear proudly today?

what you need

Use any combination of textured fabrics. I specifically didn’t choose any reds, as I’m in love with neutrals at the moment…


grey scollop pattern

fabric bow 1

fabric bow 2

sew the bow

sew the pin

heart in place

 CLICK HERE for the very simple crochet heart pattern on Olivia’s blog Hopeful Honey.

Here’s a suggestion of HOW you can give it as a gift:

make a card

almost done

final touch

That’s how easy it is!

I hope you feel very special today.

And remember to

do all things with love


cornel signature

PS Please share your brooch with us on our Facebook page HERE

or on Instagram with the hashtag #hellohartbrooch

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