i can do this: help birds build nests

I’ve been feeding the birds in my garden and have been rewarded with the most awesome birds visiting. I’m so inspired, I’m going to buy myself the famous bird watcher’s book. In fact, it would be amazing if I could have them nesting in my garden. So I got to think about how I have tons of left over yarn from the many crochet and knitting projects I have completed…

Recycling nowadays is so important and I thought it would be great to use these left over strands of yarn and make a gadget that would assist the birds with their nest building. I can only imagine how beautiful these coloured nests are going to be when scattered around my neighbourhood.


To make the yarn cylinder, you will need bendable wire, florist wire, wire cutters, some netting (I used the netting my vegetables came in when I bought them), a crochet hook and ALL your left-over scraps of yarn.

Pic 1
 Step 1: Using the stronger bendable wire, cut 2 strips of 20cm each.
Pic 2

Step 2: Twist each end of the wire to make a hook and then clip the ends into each other to make a circle. Do this with both pieces of wire. This will serve as the base and top of the cylinder.

PicMonkey Collage Step 2

Step 3: With the florist wire cut 5 pieces 20cm in length

PicMonkey Collage Step 3

Step 4: Twist the florist wire to the one circle you made. You will have 5 pieces of florist wire fastened to the first wire circle.

PicMonkey Collage Step 4
Step 5: Connect the last wire circle to the bottom ends of the 5 pieces of florist wire. You are in the process of shaping a cylinder. You will have a circle at each end with the florist wire connecting the 2 circles.
PicMonkey Collage Step 5

Step 6: Now take the plastic netting and cover the cylinder with the netting. Take care not to damage the netting with the wire ends. Close the one end of the cylinder by twisting the netting and sealing it with a piece of florist wire.

PicMonkey Collage Step 6

Step 7: You are now ready to fill your cylinder with the lovely bright pieces of yarn the you’ve been collecting. Once this is done, you can crochet a piece of  30cm long chain stitches, to use as a decorative tie at the other (or top) end of your cylinder. This will ensure that you’re able to refill your cylinder, once the birds have used up all your colourful yarn.

PicMonkey Collage Step 7

Step 8: Cut a 40cm piece of the stronger wire and bend a large hook at the one end (this will go on the tree) and a smaller hook on the other end. Attach the smaller hook to the top of your cylinder, where you’ve tied the crocheted chains. You’re ready to hang your awesome creation.

Sit back and watch as the birds start to explore!

PicMonkey Collage Step 8

Please share your awesome creation with us by posting your photos on our facbook page

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 (original post on 5 november 2014)

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