hello monday

If you know me you will know that I love yellow!

Sunny yellow, lemon yellow- you name it …I love them all! But recently I have developed a deep love for mustard golden yellow.

I found a perfect example of this yellow in the Arthur Bales shop in Linden.

You can read more about this amazing shop in this post.

A gorgeous 100% wool from Rowan. They have a great collection of Rowan yarns and soon here on Hello Hart we will share our amazing visit to this yarn lover’s dream of a shop.

My new yellow love features in the beautiful blokkie that Cornel shared in this post .

You will use a lot of your little bits of wool and leftover yarns for the inside motive, and this way you can buy new wool to add to your stash without a guilty conscious!

I’m really so happy with my collection of blokkies!

crochet motive by Elsbeth


crochet motives


crochet motives by Elsbeth

 This yellow cardigan seems easy enough to knit and makes such a statement because of the colour and loosely knitted tension…..

yellow cardigan

a simple granny square- just in yellow.

yellow blanket

pom pom

Who doesn’t love a pom-pom! An easy way to bring some colour and playfulness to any outfit.

…and then this eye catching statement piece!

big knitt

A little bit of yellow on a lampshade– the yellow just makes it POP a little bit don’t you think?

yellow trim


a pretty summer shawl

hope you all have an amazing week!

here is your little free printable.

hope you like it.

my oulike balletjie wol

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love elsbeth
(original post 17 November 2014)