inspiration tuesday

My daughter is going to UCT next year and I want to give her a crochet blanket as a little gift. Something from me that she can snuggle up with.

I showed her a whole collection of blankets on pinterest and she chose the one that I actually made before. It was one of those projects that I started with great enthusiasm and when I got halfway I just stopped and added a border…. It is now a small blanket  that only covers your knees and not the majestic blanket that should cover your whole bed….

So two weekends ago I started the blanket and this picture says it all….

jasper and the blokkies

We chose Vinnis Colours Bambi for the blanket, and the blanket is made up from different sized blocks.

i cant wait to share the finished blanket with you! i will share the full pattern details too.


crochet blokkies

Still a long way to go and I hope that I will, for once in my life, finish a proper blanket and not turn it into a knee blanket!


crochet blokkies

crochet blocks



Here is your free printable that I made. I used one of my watercolour paintings and I hope you like it.

curious about my art? you can visit my facebook art page to see what im up to!

he who seeks beauty

he who seeks beauty will find it

click on the link above and save to your computer


Lots of love,

love elsbeth







(original post 21 October 2014)