hello wednesday

Don’t you all just love the internet? The way we can chat, share and get inspired even though we are far apart?

The only thing lacking with being online and sharing our creativity in front of computer screens, is that, when you are with fellow wool loving ladies, you get the full experience!

That’s why I can’t wait for the CROCHET-AND-KNIT-WEEKEND GETAWAY!  The 24-26th of October will be about enjoying the luxury of undisturbed crocheting or knitting.

I hope that YOU will join myself, Cornel and Anisa, bring some WOOL…….and of course the 45 possible ideas that the wool can turn into.

Prepare to be inspired by the amazing friends that I have made through my love for wool…

crochet weekend

This week I feel blessed because something so small, like a ball of wool, has brought us together, gave us an opportunity to be creative and made us friends.

For this week’s free printable, I found an image in the Rjiksmuseum collection in The Netherlands.

You can browse the museum collection of art, clothes, sculptures and design.

Everything is free of copyright.  You can download high resolution images of art and use them as you like.

You can aIso be a curator and make your own collections!

wees  cool

I found this artwork in a collection that specializes is people making things. and took a painting of ladies sitting at a table doing needlework for this tongue-in-cheek message

…….and on a more serious note I made this free printable for you, my fellow yarn lover, something that only you will understand

een lang been een kort been vandag is ek geseend
click on the link and download the image to your computer.

Congratulations!!! Cheryl van der Walt and Diana Viljoen each won a crochet pattern of their choice from Brenda Grobler.


love elsbeth

 (original post 17 September 2014)