the magical language of crochet, khao lak, thailand

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”

My recent visit to Khao Lak Thailand opened up a whole new world of amazing experiences.  I felt like I discovered a whole new world, filled with amazing experiences, new people and such peace and serenity. But my favourite part of this trip was meeting the most amazing people from so many corners of our wonderful world.

My greatest realisation is that, although we are all so different form each other, we all strive for the same things in life: happiness, health and a blessed existence.  I can also confirm that when you meet a fellow crafter and more specifically someone that shares your passion for crochet(!!!) you know that the world is actually just wondrous – in a dreamy kind of way.

I was strolling down one of those ever so busy and noisy side streets in the Bangniang local market, when I came across a local woman crocheting in a tiny stall.  I could not resist it, so I took out my yarn and hook and joined her for an hour or so.  There, sitting on the floor at the side of the road, we understood that we really could not understand each other’s mother tongue (I can’t even pronounce her name), yet we shared the magical language of crochet, that bonds two strangers together.

anisa in thailand1

Her daughter explained that this is what she does for a living, that she makes the most beautiful, fine crochet tops and dresses, and sells them 3 days of the week.

anisa in thailand3

This experience gave me a sense of understanding that no matter what, this experience somehow became a part of me.

 I’ve also come to realise that if you travel far enough, you eventually meet your true self.

I was humbled and truly blessed to share a wonderful hour with a magical lady who truly enjoys crochet as much as I do.  It will be listed as one of my all time favourite crochet moments.

anisa in thailand2
PS Grieta Mitchell wins this gorgeous top crocheted by my friend in Bangniang local market. Congratulations Grieta!
anisa thailand
anisa signature
(original post on 19 august 2014)

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