inspiration wednesday: christelle botha

I met Christelle Botha at a Craft Share morning hosted by Cornel, but truly got to understand Christelle as a creative crochet enthusiast via her extremely busy and absolutely informative Facebook page, ONS HEKEL.

I loved chatting to Christelle …

christelle with hat

What inspires your crochet work?

Ideally, beautiful colour combinations that are often found in nature, but more realistically an item with a function or purpose.  From there I’ll go to yarn and colour.

When did you start crafting and who taught you?

I learnt basic knitting and cross-stitch embroidery in primary school, but had to teach myself to crochet with a book on my lap, You Tube in front of me, and my sis, Gerlene, on the line from Ireland.  After three days, I gained control over the hook.

christelle at craft share collage 1

Tell me about ONS HEKEL?

Ons Hekel is my Facebook Group – initially started in the hopes of making contact with one, two, any number of people who crochet locally, so I could learn, and get more information on local products, yarns and shops.  It snowballed into a great community of mainly Afrikaans (but also other) hookers worldwide, from whom I learn on a daily basis.  I blog athaak-en-stekie, about my own work, but also about aspects of what happens at ONS HEKEL

How did it all begin?

I tried to teach myself to crochet, got all frustrated with all the brilliant US, European and Australian/NZ work and info and started Googling.  I found an Afrikaans hooker, Natasja King, in the UK, started chatting with her, and together we started the first version of ONS HEKEL.

What do you think will be the next big thing in the world of craft?

That would be a surprise and interesting to see, as it differs between countries and communities!  Who would have thought that this would be the year of the T-shirt yarn doilie mat and  twistie cowl at ONS HEKEL – both made immensely popular by Anneke Wiese of Crochet in Paternoster.

christelle at craft share collage 2

Where can our readers find you?

Ons Hekel at

Blog at

Various crochet boards at

christelle at craft share collage 3

What are your favourite blogs?

Kristen from is one of my favourites.  She crochets, but mostly knits, produces at the speed of lightning and always uses beautiful, muted colour combinations, with the odd crazy choice now and then.  I also like Annette for her beautiful Swedish colours and simplicity.  She also sells beautiful yarn and vintage fabric, a piece of which now lines a picnic basket of mine

and of course Natasja King’s blog, crochetime.

If you had more time on your hands what would you do?

Read! And finish my WIPS*. I tend to start projects too quickly, and then they pile up, unfinished …

(*Works In ProgresS)

christelle craft share

While chatting to Christelle, I realised that she cherishes every moment that she has yarn and hook in hand.  She truly adds sparkle to the craft of crochet and at hello hart we LOVE meeting and becoming friends with someone like Christelle.  


Magic can be found in the most unusual places and in the simplest of things and that’s exactly what ONS HEKEL brings its readers – magic – one post at a time.

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(original post on 20 august 2014)

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