hello monday

August is known as the windy month here in Pretoria, where I live. The last autumn leaves are twirling around … and I find myself missing the mild Pretoria weather that I’m used to. But, the wind is blowing the last remnants of winter away and I know that Spring is coming! I find comfort in the thought that this bit of windiness is cleaning up and sweeping the dusty dry winter remnants away.
For this week my little free printable message is ALL ABOUT LOVING TODAY, even if it is windy, messy and feels a little out of control! For new things to happen, old things need to be cleared away.
Trust the process of your life and LOVE everything about today!

love everything about today
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We have 2 more lovely winners of IDEES HEKEL/IDEAS CROCHET! They are Judy Meyer and Mireille Hilgenberg (from France!!!) Congratulations! There’s a surprise for tomorrow on the blog, so pop in again. All I can say is that it’s a free crochet pattern …..

 love elsbeth

 (original post on 11 August 2014)