friday i’m in love

Wow! We are a bunch of girls who LOVE LOVE LOVE yarn.

You really shared the most amazing reasons why you love yarn with us these last 4 days and we hope to share those with you over the following 120 days! That’s how many replies we received for the question: Why do you love yarn?

Our winner of the I LOVE YARN-giveaway is Marie Swanepoel.

Congratulations Marie! We totally agree with you:


Elsbeth is working on a little artwork, with Marie’s words, for the blog on Monday. Another printable for Monday! I can’t wait to see it, because I love Elsbeth’s work!

15 aug 2014 collage

Today, I’m in love with (clockwise from top left) a crocheted handbag

the combination of colors in the bouquet of flowers

a crocheted alphabet

and a simple granny square cushion

Have a wonderful weekend!

Lots of yarn-love,

cornel signature

(original post on 15 august 2014)

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