craft share with christelle


I spent yesterday morning at Christelle’s lovely home for a chat and some crochet.

Because that’s what we like to do on a random Wednesday morning in Pretoria!

Although Christelle has been to my home many times for Craft Share, this was my first time at HER house.

I was boweled over.

craft share aug 1

Waiting on the dining room table in the kitchen

craft share aug 10

Christelle’s beautiful, spacious, sunny kitchen

With THE BLANKET lying on the floor, waiting to be repaired
craft share aug 2

Her house is filled with beautiful hand crafted detail (spot the doily rug by Anneke Wiese of CROCHET IN PATERNOSTER?

craft share collage 2


Christelle offered to help repair a friend’s damaged heirloom baby blanket.

blankie 1

We decided that it was possible to ONLY remove the damaged panel.

blankie 2

Christelle cut very carefully. I was laughing nervously (while making this little video), being scared that I’d given her advice that could have disastrous results…

blankie 3

After assessing which direction the blanket was crocheted in, as well as where we could join the blanket, to keep a continuous pattern, Christelle used purple embroidery thread to catch the trebles, before removing the stitches underneath…

blankie 4

Then she could remove the excess crochet work that she didn’t need.

blankie 5

Success! At least up to this point. All Christelle has to do is sew (not crochet) the trebles of the one side of the blanket, to the crochet work on the other side, exactly like the rest of the blanket pattern.

She will use whip stitch and the blanket’s own salvaged yarn to do this.

blankie 6

Please go to CRAFT SHARE on Facebook for our album. Click HERE

craft share collage

*This was the first “edition” of Craft Share ONE-ON-ONE, where I visit a friend and crochet with her. The next Craft Share (as you’ve known for the last 5 years) will be on Friday 5 September at my house. There will be limited seats, so PLEASE EMAIL ME if you’d like to “book a seat” around my dining room table.

Thanks Christelle for a lovely morning!

cornel signature


(original post on 21 august 2014)

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